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Content Guidelines – The online marketing jungle already has a permanent motto, at least until next year: “content is the king of a serious online marketing strategy.” Of course, we more than agree with this statement, and we have already told you about it here. However, transferring a proverb from saying to action is difficult. Focusing it on a specific sector is even more complicated. Content marketing is everything in tourism, but it is useless to say it if we do not know what type of content is best for us to apply in our particular tourism business and without some notions on how to do it.

Why Content Guidelines is Important?

Why Content Guidelines is Important_

The primary goal of any content strategy is loyalty, of course. Unless we are the SEO of the Hilton hotel chain, we will likely have to work very hard to engage with our target audience.

A second reason why content is king is thanks to Google: our page will improve its position in search engines (SEO) if we update it periodically. You have to give it life because Google does not give prizes to the dumbest websites.

Before exploring what types of content we can find for our business, it is vital that we quickly review some notions on how to start a content campaign coherently.

Guidelines for Content Creation

Know our strengths and weaknesses: the content that we are going to share arises after an evaluation of our establishment: if it is a question of opening a campsite, for example, we have to see what our strengths are (luxury equipment, or privileged location, or maybe both) and make them our cover letter.

Define what concepts we will transfer: What is the idea by which we will be known in networks and media? If we want to publicize a restaurant that serves food from organic and sustainable agriculture, we must make the healthy lifestyle our particular workhorse.

The preliminary work plan: when to share, what tone we will use, what information is valuable for our target audience… And above all, how to write it so that it brings us SEO improvements.

Be careful with the wording: our blog posts can do a lot for our website. For example, it is good that the title should contain words by which we want to differentiate ourselves (“hotels in Santiago”). Nor should we be rigid with the headlines – it is good to give an appearance of normality – but yes, whatever the headline.

Share on networks to gain traffic on the web: each content that we make available to the public on social networks is a business card for our website and could be for our establishment. We must never forget that each link is a potential gateway.

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The Structure of a Content Guideline

The guidance that most web writers receive when writing the text for Content Marketing is to follow the pitching guideline strictly.

The guideline is as if it were a “recipe” of the text: the writer must read the description very carefully, analyze the proposal and follow all the information carefully to understand the objective, the language, the tone, and the most crucial information text. Only this way will the final result fulfil its function of satisfying the most demanding customers!

But, after all, what is a guideline pitch?

The guideline pitch is nothing more than the guide of a text. This is a general explanation of the schedule, including essential information and instructions for developing quality content.

In addition to instructing the editor about what it is and the topics covered in a piece of content, the guideline pitch also helps align the client’s expectations of who will receive the text.

A good pitch includes the main points that the writer must adhere to, the objective and format of the text, the main topic to be discussed, ramifications of this subject, and complementary information, examples, and applications of the case concerned.

Where to Start Content Guidelines?

Where to start Content Guidelines?

First of all, we must define the type and format of the content we will create. Will it be a list or a step-by-step? Will it be intended to explain a particular term, or will it be a more informative text addressing various topics on a specific topic? Each of these pattern styles requires a different pitch.

Another issue to reflect on is the size of the text. After all, the copywriter will need more detail to produce more meaningful, more targeted content. For example, the pitch of a text of 1000 words must contain more information than a text of 500 words.

Finally, it’s time to gather all the information from our reference search, both the client and the person, and organize them to write the pitch.

What is the Language of a Guideline Pitch?

Thinking that the guideline is a guide or a recipe for a text, its purpose is to convey actions or instructions that the writer must follow to achieve a goal. Therefore, paying attention to the verbs used to give these commands is very important.

It is natural that the verbs “approach” and “speak” widely used. However, they are rather abstract and do not convey a specific action to the writer. They are more objective and clarify what should done with each piece of information. To replace them, the most appropriate is to use verbs such as list, quote, explain, justify, describe, etc.

What Should be the Tone of Each Type of Guideline?

For an article in list format, for example, we must inform the writer:

  • how many topics, approximately, should list;
  • explain what matter these topics will deal with;
  • cite examples of some issues (to establish the tone and the type of elements that should list);

finally, include complementary information that can contribute to creating the list (for example, explain each aspect).

Look at the following example:

(X) SEO Tips for E-Commerce (500 words)

The idea of ​​the article is to show the person the importance of using SEO to position their eCommerce, giving them some optimization tips. We can talk, for example, about the importance of product descriptions, meta descriptions, loading speed, friendly URLs, etc. List 4 to 6 pieces of advice and briefly explain them.

For a step-by-step article, we can follow the same logic, always keeping it in mind. That the steps must follow in an exact order to achieve a particular goal.

How to Invest in Google Adwords in (X) steps (1,000 words)

In this post, we will explain to the reader what steps are necessary to invest. In Adwords and advertise your business. We will show you how to plan the campaign, and create it. It is by thinking about the best keywords and targeting. The audience, getting it on the air and measuring the results, among other tips.

Explain each of the steps. At the end of the article, we must suggest that you look for a specialized. An agency to obtain better results and more time to dedicate to the company’s main business.


As sellers, we think that making books easily accessible is very important, although sometimes. We face content that may consider inappropriate. We carefully check all content we sell in our stores. It regularly reviews our guidelines, listens to feedback and digs deeper into customer concerns. We reserve the right to withdraw. The content from sale if we consider that it does not meet our customers’ quality standards.

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