Blockchain-Powered E-Wallet App

Blockchain-Powered E-Wallet App – With the advent of the Internet, electronic wallets have become a trend. Advanced technology has transformed the way people transfer on peer-to-peer(P2P) and C2B platforms. If you want to create a state-of-the-art payment system, contact AT&T Software.

We customize a robust and feature-rich E-wallet that fits your needs. Our years of knowledge have made us proficient with the nitty-gritty of mobile app development. So you get exactly what you want when you hire an e-wallet development service from us

Why hire E-Wallet Developer? Blockchain-Powered E-Wallet App

Why hire E-Wallet Developer_ Blockchain-Powered E-Wallet App

AT&T Software offers a comprehensive E-Wallet development service tailored to your business requirements. Our expert development team is always available at your service, no matter how complicated your project needs.

These are the reasons to hire our developer of electronic wallet reservation portals:

User-Friendly Solutions

To make money on goods delivery services, you need to create an attractive app easy for customers to use. When we create your app, people can easily access it and specify locations where they would opt for your service.

Timely Delivery

Nowadays, you need to build a robust app and launch it on Play Store to grow your business quickly. We have rich experience in app development. We pack it with incredible features and deliver timely results. With the perfect mobile app, you can earn maximum profits after emerging in the market.


We offer an all-inclusive e-wallet development service at an affordable price without compromising quality. Our services include maintenance and support at no extra charge. To save your money and get the best results, hire our developer.

Play Store Launch

We build and launch your E-Wallet app on the Play Store so users can access it whenever they want. Our team brainstorms everything and successfully stays by your side even after launch to make improvements if needed, And also. Once we launch your app in the stores, people can easily access it, leading you to expand your customer reach.

Mobile E-Wallet App Development

Mobile E-Wallet App Development

We offer high-quality mobile app development solutions that efficiently manage credit, debit and prepaid gift cards and various cryptocurrencies and provide direct access to bank accounts. Our developers create apps that facilitate payments near P2, Quick Response (QR), Near Field Communication (NFC), and Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST). We take innovative ideas from our minds to offer unique solutions that differentiate you from your competitors.

E-wallet Development – ​​Our Areas of Expertise – Blockchain-Powered E-Wallet App

When it comes to building an electronic wallet, opting for our professional service may be the right choice. Once you share your ideas with us, we do whatever it takes to meet your demand.

Take a look at our areas of expertise:

We create and add exceptional features to your mobile wallet app like digital ID management, loyalty card tracking, rewards points, archiving and receipt generation. In addition to these features, we added security in fraud protection and fingerprint scanning. We hire our dedicated developers if you want all-inclusive e-wallet application development and integration.

Cryptocurrency E-Wallet Application Development

Cryptocurrency E-Wallet Application Development

Our developers create bitcoin and other cryptocurrency wallet apps to buy, trade, and settle. We also develop hardware wallets to store cryptocurrencies offline, including private and public key management, mapping applications to find physical providers and access to exchange platforms, And also. We always stay up-to-date with the latest mobile app development trends to offer cutting-edge services in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, And also. No matter how complicated your requirements are, our bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain developers can easily do it all for you.

Mobile E-Wallet for Merchants – Blockchain-Powered E-Wallet App

We customize business-focused mobile app wallet solutions to maintain consistency across computers, tablets, and smartphones. Our developers add features like time tracking (for contractors and freelancers), invoice generation, cost split allocation, and an Automated Clearing House (ACH) interface.

Mobile E-Wallet Integration

Mobile E-Wallet Integration

We make the most of open-source APIs to integrate mobile wallet features into websites and apps. Third-party E-Wallet integrations include Google Pay and Apple Pay, And also. Our expert developers know how to seamlessly incorporate your E-Wallets with third-party POS software to increase their functionality.

Development of Cross-Platform Mobile E-Wallets – Blockchain-Powered E-Wallet App

Our E-Wallet developers create native (Android and iOS) and cross-platform apps with top-notch UI/UX designs. We offer world-class solutions such as click-free NFC transaction push notifications, simple multi-card management, and social media/messaging capabilities (Facebook Messenger and Apple Messages)

QR code Setup

Our digital e-wallet development services make it easy for users to exchange money, And also. With modern QR code features, you can connect to many people, pay bills instantly, quickly scan, join groups and download different apps.

Beacon and Bluetooth Technology

We implement Bluetooth and idea con technology to allow your e-Wallet blockchain-powered e-wallet app to connect with nearby devices and exchange data/information with them in seconds, And also. These technologies help you acquire information about objects near you.

E-Wallet Development – ​​Features We Added

When you hire our E-Wallet developers, we make sure to add the best features and provide you with the ultimate solution.

These are the features that we include in your electronic wallet:


You can transact with nearby users who share similar platforms.

Camera in the App

Integrated cameras scan QR codes to pay, accept and transfer payments.

Secure Transaction

We offer special codes so that users can enjoy secure transactions.

Complete Protection

When you build an electronic wallet with us, you guarantee the total security of your monetary transactions.

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Question E-Wallet? Blockchain-Powered E-Wallet App

E-wallets, or electronic wallet applications, allow users to link their bank accounts, store their cards digitally, manage crypto activities, or add funds to make payments online using a mobile device, And also. In simple terms, they are the digital version of a genuine wallet. Unlike traditional banking apps, e-wallet apps allow users to add a cash amount or card number directly into the app to pay online or at a physical location. What makes e-wallets applications so attractive is that they are a safe, fast, contactless and reliable alternative to physical payment methods. Banks can create E-wallets for their users to handle payments and accounts or come from third-party providers with different feature sets, And also. Some send and receive money (P2P), others allow payments through blockchain-powered e-wallet apps on the web, and others offer contactless payment options.

  • Some of the most popular e-wallet applications are:
  • Ali Pay
  • We Chat Pay (Market leader with 600 million users)
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal

Samsung Pay

The popularity of these apps grew to nearly $1449.56 trillion in 2020, with a $5399.6 billion forecast for 2026. Additionally, according to Visa, 79% of transactions in Australia are done electronically, with only 21% in cash transactions. By contrast, the US lags in mobile wallet adoption at 29%, lower than China’s 81% adoption. However, this lag in adoption rates can be explained by security concerns with mobile payments in Americans.

Security Measures for E-Wallets

To ensure that mobile payment solutions continue to conquer the world safely, developers must protect the information and their traffic, And also. Contrary to what most people believe, be-wallets apps are more secure than genuine wallets. Even if a user loses their phone, the security measures implemented in the app will make the e-wallet useless to anyone who accesses it blockchain-powered e-wallet app illegally. However, app developers are responsible for putting these security walls in place and driving the adoption of e-wallets.

To provide some context first, here are the main parameters crucial to information security:

  • Confidentiality: only authorized users can access the info.
  • Integrity – Protect data from unauthorized modification.
  • Availability: Make sure data is available when authorized users need it.


The financial sector has not been immune to the technologies that have permeated blockchain-powered e-wallet app industries worldwide. Everything from banking to insurance has been modernized and infused with technologies, such as e-wallet apps, to offer alternative payment solutions.

For this reason, financial technology, or FinTech, has become a dynamic digital force that has altered the way people conduct payment transactions. And also, the exponential development in the use of mobile devices has pushed it forward. Still, it has become increasingly popular during the pandemic due to the growing demand for cashless and contactless transactions.

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