Star Alliance remains the major airline alliance in the world. Its headquarters are in Frankfurt, and its members include Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, United Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and our very own Air India, among others.

Benefits for Air India and its Customers:-

Benefits for Air India and its customers

1) The entire Air India domestic network is now connected to all Star Alliance destinations worldwide. For example, one can travel from Ahmedabad to San Francisco with a single ticket without any hassle, without having to claim and re-check baggage.

2) Air India will source passengers from other Star Alliance airlines for its domestic network.

3) Star Alliance makes bulk fuel purchases. It will help AI save money on ATF. Air India star alliance februarygatlanbleepingcomputer

4) Greater monitoring of services and infrastructure by the Alliance. It will help increase the valuation of AI in case the government decides to privatize it partially. Passengers will benefit from better punctuality and better service.

5) The AI frequent flyer program members can earn and redeem miles on other Star Alliance airlines.

Air India Joins Star Alliance – Air India Star Alliance February Gatlan Bleepingcomputer

Strong network in growing Indian aviation marketNEW DELHI, INDIA – JULY 11, 2014 – Star Alliance, the way Earth connects, has welcomed Air India as a full member of its global airline family , opening the fifth-largest flag carrier’s national solid network. First Indian airline to join the Global Airline Alliance. Aviation market to Star Alliance customers around the world.

Air India now offers all the benefits to Star Alliance customers across its entire network. Air India customers enjoy the same benefits when travelling on somewhat of the other 26 Star Alliance member airlines.

“This is an important day for us. For numerous years, we have said we need a strong national airline in the Indian market. By warming Air India to our Star Alliance family, we have reached this goal,” said Mark Schwab, Star Alliance CEO.”We know the ‘new’ Air India is eager to bring the benefits of Star Alliance customers to many more travellers.”

Rohit Nandan, Chairman and CEO of Air India, said: “Air India is proud to be a member of this prestigious airline alliance. Starting today, we are opening up a whole different world for our passengers, who can now travel to more than 1,300 destinations across the network and like world-class service, better connectivity and seamless travel wherever they go. Air India star alliance februarygatlanbleepingcomputer

Member of Star Alliance – Air India Star Alliance Februarygatlanbleepingcomputer

Member of Star Alliance

The Star Alliance network has 27 member airlines, offering more than 18,500 daily flights to 1,316 destinations in 192 countries. Air India adds a whole of 400 daily flights and more than 40 new destinations in India to the Alliance network. The most significant growth will come from its domestic market, which until now was served by 13 Star Alliance members serving ten destinations and holding a 13% market share. Thanks to the arrival of Air India, the Alliance’s market share in India has increased to 30%. Globally, passengers also benefit from more fantastic choices on routes linking North America, Europe, Asia and Australia via the Indian subcontinent.

Air India now offers final destination check-in for connecting flights operated by any Star Alliance member airline for passengers and baggage, providing a seamless journey. Passengers benefit as they do not want to collect boarding passes for connecting flights at transfer airports. Where local customs regulations allow, baggage will remain shipped to final destinations.

Data Breach Impacts Star Alliance Members

Data breach impacts Star Alliance Members

Nearly a dozen airlines besides Air India have informed passengers that some of their data were accessed in a breach of SITA’s Passenger Service System (PSS), which handles transactions from booking boarding tickets.

At the time, a SITA spokesperson told BleepingComputer that the breach impacted passenger data for several airlines, including:

Lufthansa – combined with its subsidiaries, it is the second largest airline in Europe in terms of passengers carried; Star Alliance member and Miles & More partner

  • Air New Zealand – flag carrier airline of New Zealand
  • Singapore Airlines – flag carrier airline of Singapore
  • SAS – Scandinavian Airlines (disclosure here);
  • Cathay Pacific – flag carrier of Hong Kong
  • Jeju Air – South Korea’s first and largest low-cost airline
  • Malaysia Airlines – flag carrier airline of Malaysia
  • Finnair – flag carrier and the largest airline in Finland

Some air carriers (including Air India) are part of Star Alliance, a global network of 26 members, including Lufthansa, the largest in Europe.

Star Alliance told BleepingComputer its members also share relevant customer details for awarding travel benefits.

Information includes member names, loyalty program membership numbers, and program tier status.

Air India Data Breach Impacts 4.5 Million Customers – Air India Star Alliance February Gatlan Bleepingcomputer

Air India has disclosed a data breach after personal information belonging to around 4.5 million of its customers was leaked two months after the SITA Passenger Service System provider was hacked in February 2021.

India’s national airline first informed passengers that SITA had been the victim of a cyberattack on March 19.

“This is to notify you that SITA PSS, our Passenger Service System data processor (which is responsible for the storage and processing of passengers’ personal information). It has recently been the subject of a cybersecurity attack leading to the leak of personal data of certain passengers,” Air India said in a breach notification sent over the weekend.

However, after investigating the security incident. It remain discovered that no credit card information or password was accessed during the breach.

However, Air India urges its passengers to change their credentials to block potential breach attempts and ensure the security of their data.

“The breach involved personal data registered between August 26, 2011, and February 3, 2021. With details including name, date of birth, contact details, passport information, ticket information, Star Alliance and personal data. Air India frequent flyer (but no password data involved) as well as credit card details,” added Air India [PDF].

“However, concerning the latter data type, our processor does not retain CVV/CVC numbers.”


Star Alliance told BleepingComputer its members also share relevant customer details for awarding travel benefits. Information includes member names, loyalty program membership numbers, and program tier status.