What is Online Advertising?

Online advertising is the set of strategies used to publicize a product or service to society adapted to a digital channel. For this, impacts are created that reach the receivers through the internet, social networks or the use of the smartphone or Smart TV.

Digital advertising is constantly evolving. Technology advances and consumer trends, so strategies must vary, and online marketing professionals must continuously be learning.

And also, campaigns must be where users are, so advertising moves from the offline world to the online one.

What Types of Online Advertising Exist?

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There are as many types of online advertising as there are platforms or formats, but the leading and most common are:

Native Advertising

Strategies use in which it intends to gain the user’s trust by offering solutions to their problems. It is usually done through blogs, and topics relate to the helpful sector for the recipients discuss. With SEO, mail marketing and lead nurturing, you can offer the right content for the phase of the sales funnel in which the potential client is.

Mobile Advertising

Until now, these ads were an adaptation of offline campaigns to the computer, using responsive technology. And also, mobile marketing practices like sending text messages to customers’ devices and embedding links to promote your products are already mobile marketing practices.

Email Marketing

These are advertisements sent to the users’ email, but they are the ones that the recipient can avoid more efficiently by getting into folders such as Spam or that the individual himself deletes before even reading it. Brands perfect their technique and include promotions to make the customer want to open the email.

Social Media Advertising

The exponential growth in social media users caused advertisers to want to promote themselves on these platforms. And also, networks such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook give the possibility of promoting uploaded publications to position themselves higher and achieve more successful results

Retargeting or Remarketing

It makes the user see a banner of a brand they have previously consulted, regardless of their site. It is a technique that collects good results. The price establishes by cost per click.


These ads contain images or videos and publish on any website in spaces specifically designed for it.

Online Videos

These are videos that have a promotional purpose. Ads embed in YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, or Dailymotion videos are included. And also, you can also bet on alliances with your tubers or your quality content to obtain an adequate organic positioning with SEO combine with direct traffic.

What is an Online Advertising Agency?

What is an Online Advertising Agency_

A communication agency is an organization that advises the advertiser in executing the advertising campaign aimed at a specific audience with a predefined budget. And also, its objective is to spread the brand, product or service to promote a business creatively and efficiently.

Within a communication agency, several professionals are in charge of each of the process stages. And also, the most important are the writers who take care of the correct vocabulary to persuade; art directors who create the visual concept; media planner who selects the media in which the ad will publish, and account executives who contact the advertiser.

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How to Advertise on the Internet?

Advertising on the Internet can complete in various ways, depending on the platform use and the economic investment that you want to make. The most used are:

  • It is Google’s sponsored links tool. Make the product or service known, attract new customers, increase online sales and highlight the brand in question.
  • And also, its most significant advantage is that you can advertise without making a large investment.
  • There are five habits to advertise at this stage: search network, display network, Google Shopping, video and also universal claims.

Advertising on Facebook and Twitter

Both allow you to include ads in your timelines. Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads have a very easy-to-use system for users in which they can choose what to advertise. And also, the format and the texts, segment the audience, choose the daily expense they want to have and schedule the campaign with a start date and the end.

YouTube Advertising

This video platform has become a space to exchange content and knowledge and advertise products or services. And also, you can promote it through Google Ads or make agreements with content creators.

Native Advertising

It is the most popular way to advertise without interfering with the user experience. And also, it is not intrusive and looks like its own content.

Advantages of Online Advertising

Online advertising has two main compensations over traditional advertising: low cost and a more significant number of impacts. In addition to these, five others are also significant:

Advantages of Online Advertising

Availability: Internet ads are obtainable 24/7 and can watch by any user with an Internet connection.

Accessible price: The online format adapts to all purchasing powers, from a few euros a day to large amounts for a campaign.

Creativity: images, videos, displays of all sizes, texts without character limits, interaction with users or flatter formats, everything has a home on the internet.

Comprehensive metrics: Measurement tools allow you to partake in real-time data and know the campaign’s impact as it launches without having to wait.

Segmentation: having more data implies knowing more about the user and thus being able to create campaigns aimed at a more segment audience to impact the desired customer and not waste impressions.

Online Advertising Statistics

The expense that is being made in online advertising is increasing. More and more consume on the internet, and brands commit to reaching their potential customers from platforms with more flow of people today.

Benefits of Online Advertising

The main benefits of online advertising are:

  • And also, it allows for better segmentation of the target audience.
  • There is a greater degree of interaction and direct contact with the user.

Greater customer loyalty achieves through a system of incentives and promotions use.

  • A high degree of affinity with the target audience is complete, and specific niches can reach.
  • And also, unlimited creative possibilities generate.
  • They are innovative and flexible media.
  • Its implementation is very fast because the contact with the user is instantaneous.
  • Its cost is affordable and viable for most companies.
  • The formats are easy to modify and adapt.
  • And also, the results can measure quickly and quite accurately.


Online advertising is a sector that is constantly changing. Search engine algorithms, market trends, user tastes, and the appearance of new technologies improve the previous ones. And also, this type of advertising is always like this, a continuous novelty.

A series of factors make it impossible to remain immobile. They always do things the same way—in digital advertising, being at the forefront and building the best strategies requires continuous training and the development of actions based on tests and experiments tested in the real market. Only then can you get the most attractive Internet advertising campaigns for your business.

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