Dainik Jagran is a famous newspaper port of Jagran New Media and Jagran Prakashan Limited. It is a leading Indian communication group with interests spanning print, OOH, Activations, Radio, and Digital. is a brand of Jagran new media and is India’s no.1 Hindi news and information site.

It is a famous no.1 Indian Hindi newspaper, and is the online type of the world’s largest-read daily newspaper. It reader with 29.6 million users. The site aims to reform the online Hindi news section in Hindi Heartland with a convincing customer experience and user engagement.

It is the top brand of the company. There are more than six cr people who start morning reading this newspaper. It is available across 11 states in India. It has also been opened by the World Association of Newspapers (WAN) as the leading widely-read newspaper in the world. Not only the most extensive read, but Jagran was also voted the most credible news source in a BBC-Reuters poll.

Firstly, Dainik Jagran newspaper was famous for the Quit India movement. It was started in 1942 by Sri Puran Chandra Gupta. Create a newspaper that reflects the free voice of the people. When it began, many people read this newspaper about what was going on in the freedom fight. But even now, Jagran markets the political destiny of the largest democracy in the world, and the vision continues to guide us.

What Is The History Of Dainik Jagran Newspapers?

What Is The History Of Dainik Jagran Newspapers_

Literary stalwarts like Shri Narendra Mohan have continued the tradition of truth heralded by Shri Puran Chandra Gupta. In addition to strengthening Jagran’s editorial position, he embarked on a dynamic of modernization and building interaction between the newspaper and its readers.

  • The first edition of Dainik Jagran was launched from Jhansi.
  • The second edition was launched from Kanpur. And also
  • The Rewa and Bhopal editions followed in 1953 and 1956, respectively.

And after that began a trail of expansion :

1975 – Gorakhpur 1979 – Varanasi, Allahabad, & Lucknow 1984 – Meerut
1986 – Agra 1989 – Bareilly 1990 – Delhi
1997 – Dehradun 2000 – Hissar & Patna 2001 – Moradabad
2002 – Aligarh 2003 – Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Dhanbad 2004 – Haldwani, Ludhiana
2005 – Muzaffarpur, Jammu 2006 – Indore, Siliguri, Amritsar 2007 – Patiala

However, it has explored new content delivery platforms in recent years. The e-paper is one of these expressions. Another content delivery platform that was explored was the 57272 shortcode service. The extension of the delivery channel was a significant development. Today, It remains distributed in various hotels, airports, trains, and also educational institutions.  Its news portal is the world’s largest portal among Hindi categories. The next wave is to explore different types of content delivery platforms further.

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What Is The Price Of Advertisement In Dainik Jagran?

The cost of advertising on Dainik Jagran starts from Rs. 350 and goes up to Rs. 65 lakhs. The Price diverges depending on the advertising choice and the city you select for Jagran. Classifieds remain cost per line, while display ad rates are charged in rupees per square centimeter for the Jagran newspaper.

Which Is The Finest Day To Book Ads In Dainik Jagran Newspaper?

  • Sunday is the favored day for Classifieds in the Dainik Jagran newspaper.
  • Matrimonial remain published every Sunday in Jagran Shehnai Classifieds.
  • Property every Saturday and also Sunday at Property Feature. And also
  • Recruitment qualifiers go into effect Tuesday in the Nai Rahen appointment feature. And also
  • All other ads are advertised based on the need of the advertiser.

See Available Options In The Dainik Jagran Journal For Posting Classified Ads:

See Available Options In The Dainik Jagran Journal For Posting Classified Ads_

Classified text ads at Dainik Jagran

However, these ads run daily in continuous text format under predefined headings provided by the newspaper in the classifieds column. Classified text ads in the Jagran newspaper are charged based on the number of lines or words used to craft the ad. These are plain text ads, but Jagran offers enhancement options to make them stand out with Background Color, Bold, and Checkmark options. To view Dainik Jagran’s text classifieds pricing, click on the category in the list above. The page displays the valid rate for the selected classified type.

Classified Display ads in Dainik Jagran

Firstly, this format allows the advertiser to design their ad per their choice using different fonts, dynamic images, and company logos. Jagran newspaper classifieds are a bit more expensive as they are more elaborate and eye-catching than the classifieds. They do take per square centimeter in the Dainik Jagran newspaper. There is a restriction for the minimum and maximum height and width to remain taken. You can choose B/W or Color, as the cost may vary. Check Dainik Jagran’s classifieds rates by selecting one of the above categories.

Jagran newspaper classifieds are popular for Marriage, Property for Rent, Property for Sale, Name Change, Obituaries, Lost and Found, Recruitment (Appointment), Business, Vehicles for Sale/Buy, and Education.

Advertisers get a quick response by advertising these classified categories in Jagran newspaper due to its large readership and wide circulation.

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Why Select Ads2publish To Advertise In Jagran_

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Q. When Does Its Start DJ Newspaper Start?

It started in 1942 and also now continue

Q. Who Is the Owner Of DJ?

Mahendra Mohan Gupta is the owner of this newspaper and also a Co-founder

Q. How many States Covered Dainik Jagran?

Near 9 States

Q. Dainik Jagran News printed in Which Language?

Dainik Jagran comes in Hindi

Q. DJ Daily News Paper or not?

Yes , it is a daily newspaper


Firstly, the Delhi edition of the Dainik Jagran was launched in 1990. According to the chairman of Jagran Prakashan, Yogendra Mohan Gupta, he had been advised by its executives that to make the Jagran a national newspaper, they had to launch a Delhi edition. From the 1990s, established Hindi newspapers such as Dainik Jagran, Dainik Bhaskar, and Amar Ujala expanded with various editions beyond their home states.

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