The Oklahoma PCNOK is a massive change in the healthcare system that supports patients in 77 Oklahoma counties and also worldwide. This Organization is located in the United States and is an association of nineteen community health centers in Oklahoma.

To work better as a team, This Organization was founded in 2014. Over the last eight years, it has been successfully established as one of Oklahoma’s largest primary healthcare provider networks.

This Organization plays an essential role in digital health and considers it a fundamental solution to support patients with chronic diseases. It provides rehabilitation services to patients in all respects and health counseling. Because with this technology-based solution, clinicians manage patients’ aging difficulties. For example, when people are socially distanced during the pandemic, their conditions worsen. So they want online solutions or services for health-related issues.

To be sure, dealing with patients online is not an easy task; that is why this network has expanded. But, yes! The patient care network is the best solution for monitoring frail subjects to care for patients with chronic diseases.

What Accurately Is PCNOK?

What Accurately Is PCNOK_

As mentioned earlier, PCNOK stands for the Oklahoma Patient Care Network, and it’s an organization that was created eight years ago with the intent to provide the highest quality of medical treatment to all patients.

This Organization constantly works to bring about healthcare transformation with innovative solutions, approaches, and also high-quality care. They also aim to work, achieve and advance three healthcare reform goals, including improved healthcare, healthier people, and smarter spending.

In other words, PCNOK believes that health care should be available at a minimal cost. For this reason, they promote common recruitment interests, for example, buying into the group for the Organization’s benefit.

The patient care network aims to connect health professionals and patients. Most of the time, doctors offer new solutions for older people who need long-term therapy.

This network’s most compelling features include remote monitoring, continuous monitoring, proactive patient care, and immediate connectivity to the operations center. In addition, it improves treatment from a social distance and checks the adequacy of therapy and medication delivery throughout the procedure.

How does PCNOK Work?

How does PCNOK work_

This Organization provides a technological solution that has been implemented in the field of medical science and allows all patients to benefit from it. In addition, it is a feature that will enable close monitoring of the patient’s health status from the hospital.

It is a technological innovation that enables health professionals to treat hospitalized patients suffering from painful chronic diseases. With the help of this technology, doctors receive the solution for their patients undergoing long-term treatment that must be monitored at specific intervals.

This technology enables doctors to give the most effective treatment to patients undergoing long-term therapy.

Advantages Of PCNOK

However, As you may have already guessed, this technology has various benefits for patients and healthcare providers. Here are some advantages that come with PCNOK.

Patients can use their services to:

  1. Find a health care provider. It offers a searchable database of healthcare providers throughout Oklahoma. Patients may limit their search by location, specialty, or type of service.
  1. Check on a loved one’s health. PCNOK provide access to health information for patients and their families. This information includes medical records, test results, and more.
  1. Learn about health resources in your community by providing access to education and resources on topics such as exercise and healthy eating.

Advantages for Family Members

Firstly, Family members and loved ones of the patient can rest assured that the patient will be under constant supervision. It gives the family peace of attention, knowing that their loved ones are cared for, and their health is constantly monitored.

Advantages for healthcare professionals

PCNOK technology offers many benefits to healthcare professionals, as it alerts them if something is wrong with the patient and makes them act on time and accordingly.

Advantages for SSNs

PCNOK technology also reduces emergencies thanks to its intelligent detection, which helps to prevent any critical situation. Furthermore, it provides efficient home access to patients when needed through remote assistance. In addition, it supports the connection of health professionals with patients and their families.

PCNOK Impact

PCNOK has served patients in 77 counties across Oklahoma since 2014. It strives to make the best healthcare services available and affordable to everyone. One of the essential things to remember is that all employees work hard and help patients in a way that is superior to any other similar organization.

The PCNOK aligns with Oklahoma Community Health Centers and Community Behavioral Health Organizations. Because memberships contain 19 of the 22 health centers serving Oklahoma, a specialized community behavioral health center, and a complete community addiction recovery center.

As a clinically integrated network, PCNOK strives to enhance the Triple Aim of healthcare reform towards better care, healthier people, and smarter spending. The Organization also supports mutual contractual interests, however, as joint purchasing on behalf of members.

Innovation and Solutions

PCNOK members work collaboratively to promote innovation in care delivery, including integrating mental health, telehealth, care teams and health coaches within the primary care setting.

Access for all

PCNOK members accept Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, and self-pay patients. Cash-paying patients below 200% of the poverty line discounts are available based on eligibility and proof of income.

Extra Information About PCNOK

Extra Information About PCNOK

PCNOK is an organization constantly working to improve its services throughout the state with technological innovation and also practical solutions that benefit all parties involved.

  1. It is easily accessible to everyone

All Oklahoma Patient Care Network members can access the service through self-pay, Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance. In addition, discounts are also given to cash-paying patients below 200% of the poverty line, but conditions apply based on the individual’s eligibility and proof of income.

  1. Innovation and Solutions

Organization members work together to promote innovation in care delivery, including integrating mental health, telehealth, care teams, and also health coaches within the primary care setting.

  1. Seesaw

The organization assists and helps all people in seventy-seven counties in the state and people from various regions. And also

  1. Direction

Firstly, Strong state-wide impact leveraging community collaborations, integrative concepts, and integration of social determinants of health to help people find good health and well-being are all PCNOK’s goals from a leadership perspective.


PCNOK membership is open to all Oklahoma healthcare providers who wish to work collaboratively to improve their patients’ care and quality of life. Members can access alliance resources, training and support.


What is the complete form of PCNOK?

The Patient Care Network Oklahoma is an alignment of community health centers and also community behavioral health organizations in Oklahoma.

What is the total income of PCNOK?

IN 2021, The income of the Organization will be $1.1 million. Most of their revenue comes from patient care services, with additional income from pharmaceuticals, equipment rentals, and donations.

How many staff members have PCNOK?

They have < 25 Staff and more

What are PCNOK’s primary industries?

The primary industries of PCNOK are physicians and hospital clinics.

Who makes the critical decisions of PCNOK?

Brian Carter, the Organization’s Executive Director, is the key decision-maker.


PCNOK offers everyone the ability to access their system for various healthcare purposes. Even better, it’s an affordable solution that will provide peace of mind for patients, their families, and their relatives.

As we mentioned, they cover seventy-seven counties in the state of Oklahoma. So you’ll almost certainly be able to find an organization near you and apply for this program that has revolutionized how people think about healthcare.

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