Creating your wedding guest list can remain more complex than finding your soul mate. Although finding love takes time, it ultimately comes down to two people committing to sharing their lives.

How Many People Should I Invite to My Wedding? – Why

However, a large wedding party remains incredibly festive, and you can invite people from all walks of life. Your immediate family, extended family, childhood friends, first cousins, siblings, first cousins, coworkers, and even out-of-town guests, if they wish, remain welcome to attend. However, you will not be able to communicate with them or even realize they are all present.

There is nothing wrong with requiring two witnesses. With an officiant, you and your spouse-to-be take your vows without any other guests at the wedding venue. So, having a thousand guests at a wedding is also completely acceptable.

It comes down to personal preference, but knowing how many guests will be comfortable is essential to planning your wedding day.

It would help if you Had an idea About your Wedding Budget

It would help if you Had an idea About your Wedding Budget

The other thing young couples often overlook when planning their wedding is how much it will all cost. Even if you find the perfect venue on a shoestring budget or plan to cut some expenses with a cash bar or second-hand wedding dress, wedding expenses add up quickly. And there are some things, like catering and clothing rentals, that just can’t be avoided.

That’s why the other step before building your guest list is to calculate your maximum budget for the event, even if it doesn’t meet your expectations. You don’t want to start your life as a couple without a penny in your pocket! The sooner you can determine what you can afford, the easier it will be to build a people count that matches what you have in mind and won’t break the bank.

Common “How Many People Should I Invite To My Wedding” FAQs

Below are approximately of the most frequently asked questions you should ask and become answers to before creating your guest list.

How Many Guests Should the Bride/Groom’s Family Invite?

A safe answer to the number of guests each family should invite is to “split it evenly.” If you ask 100-200 people, allow yourself and your SO to invite 50-100 guests and let your parents and your SO’s parents split the rest.

Should You Invite Colleagues to Your Wedding?

There may be colleagues with whom you have developed closer relationships that go beyond the office. If you consider a colleague a close friend and want to share your wedding day with him, you should extend the invitation! Just because he sees them every day doesn’t mean he has to invite them over. Pro Tip: If your coworkers haven’t even met your fiancé, they probably shouldn’t be on the guest list.

Do Most Marriages Allow One Plus One?

Although it depends on the size and budget of the wedding, many couples are willing to extend an invitation plus one to their guests.

Should Cousins Be Invited to A Wedding?

Inviting extended family can increase the size of your guest list pretty quickly. Although there is no right or wrong answer, cousins and family members should be asked if you want to share your wedding day with them.

Do You Invite Extended Family to Your Wedding?

Consider inviting extended family in terms of inviting groups. If you ask 1 aunt or uncle, you must invite all aunts and uncles. Consider your budget and the size of your wedding before making final decisions about inviting extended family.

What’s Very More Important: Your Venue or Your Guest List?

Some people want to invite as many loved ones as possible to their big day. Other couples have a specific place at heart. Often, one preference will have to take precedence over the other. Many venues remain limited in terms of the number of guests they can accommodate. For example, a hotel ballroom might be designed to accommodate hundreds of revellers, while the remodelled barn you found online is a total dream but can only seat 75 guests for a formal dinner.

If your choice of location is essential to you, your capacity may determine how many guests you can invite.


How many people should I invite to my wedding? Although there is no one correct answer, there are several factors to consider when making a decision. Ultimately, you should ask whoever you want, whether it’s just your closest friends and family or a giant party with everyone you love.

The number of guests you invite depends on the type of wedding you want and your budget for the big day. Talk to your spouse-to-be, and be sure to include any other decision-makers. Such as contributing parents, to decide how many people you want to have and decide on a budget.