Content Marketing ceased to be a market trend to become an essential investment for most companies, but you already know that, right? Today, those who want to remain relevant to their customers need online visibility.

Therefore, the issue is no longer the need to be on the Internet but how to be present on it to capture the public’s attention and stand out from your competitors who are already there.

You have to adopt the best and most modern customer acquisition strategies, the main element being: an Inbound Marketing strategy. One of the main ones is Content Marketing, which is used and recommended by the world’s leading specialists.

What is Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing_

Content marketing is one of the critical pieces of an excellent digital marketing and SEO strategy. But what just is it, and why is it so important? Is it something new, or has it been between us for a long time?

This article tells you what content marketing is, what goals it aims to achieve, how you can start implementing it, and what benefits it will bring to your company if you follow a series of straightforward tips.

Content Marketing Goals

To understand the goals of content marketing, it can be helpful to think of them as a ladder or a pyramid.

Generate traffic: The first and most fundamental thing is that our content generates traffic. When we see the different content strategies that we can carry out, we will understand what type of audience each will lead us to.

Attract customers: Once we have managed to increase user traffic, we need to become potential customers to generate leads.

Finally, content marketing should always be focused on retaining customers. Just as an excellent physical store treats its consumers with respect and kindness, the internet presence of a business has to know how to pamper its public so that they identify with the brand with the generation of Branded Content.

All these phases correspond to the customer’s buying cycle. The intention of content marketing must be precisely that, accompanying the client through the different stages of the funnel and closely following the conversion of a lead or user until they become a consumer.

How to Start Implementing Content Marketing?

Although it may seem that content marketing is simply staying active and posting a lot, the reality is different.

It is essential to have a clear, satisfactory management plan based on prior research. For such research, multiple SEO analysis tools can examine the competition and search for keywords.

Magazines and guides: This content is interesting, above all, for those companies that have some link with training, although it does not have to be limited to this area. A widely used strategy is to ‘give away’ these publications to get leads.

Videos: Increasingly used, videos have a compelling entertainment and dissemination character since they give the company a very close and friendly image. We can publish videos on many social networks and on our website.

This possibility is becoming a trend: Having a podcast is relatively simple, depending on the level and quality we are looking for. It can be instrumental in improving our brand image as ‘experts’ in some subjects related to our business mission.

What are the Advantages of Content Marketing?

What are the Advantages of Content Marketing_

Now that you know its definition, it is essential to specify the benefits that Content Marketing can bring to your business :

  • It is the best way to reach your target audience, offering relevant and quality content.
  • If is the perfect technique to improve the web positioning of your content, site, and commercial proposals.
  • It allows you to transmit the values ​​of your brand.
  • It helps you capture and retain potential customers on Social Networks.

Creating articles and relevant content for your audience enables you to use SEO techniques, which help you favor your appearance among the first Google search results.

How to Start a Content Marketing Strategy?

Content Marketing is much more than just writing. That’s the smallest part. First, it is necessary to define objectives, strategies, and which metrics to evaluate. Planning is everything before actually starting to create content: the choice of topics, language, keywords, etc.

It is the moment when you make clear the results you want to obtain with your strategy, the path you will take to achieve your goals, and how you are going to measure your progress. Producing content without planning is like taking a car trip without a GPS — you can have fun along the way, but you’ll probably end up lost in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire.

What are the Benefits of Content Marketing?

What are the Benefits of Content Marketing?

Why use Content Marketing? According to a report published on Neil Patel’s blog, 93% of B2B marketers use this methodology in their customer acquisition strategy. This section will show you the main advantages of the system for your company to achieve its business objectives.

As the figures show, most companies already know the benefits of this methodology.

Well, the reasons are many and very interesting for your business. In addition to generating value for you, Content Marketing:

1. Increase your Site Traffic

The digital transformation has made most people use the Internet to search for information, especially in search mechanisms such as Google. Your site is the main gateway for new customers, and Google is the way to it.

Producing relevant content is the best way to get your site on the first page of Google — where your audience will always find it — and let that door invite them in.

The proof of this is that companies that use Content Marketing have, on average, twice as many visits to their sites. Then if you produce more than 13 pieces of content per month, that number quadruples!

2. Genera Brand Awareness

The production of content helps more people recognize your brand and learn about your company’s products and services. As I have already explained, people tend to buy brands that are familiar to them and for which they feel sympathy.

A regular reader of your blog, for example, will prefer your brand when they need to buy a product or service. After all, he already knows you, and you have probably already helped him several times with your content.

3. Increase Engagement with your Brand

While brand awareness increases the number of people who know and positively perceive your variety. An engagement seeks to build a close and constant connection with a first-rate audience.

You increase people’s interactions with your brand by producing quality content and creating authentic engagement.

  • The result of this is evangelizers who recommend and defend it.
  • How to manage a Content Marketing strategy
  • Many times I saw spectacular business plans that did not work when executed.

This may seem not very easy now, but I will explain. How you should lead your strategy, starting with content production.


Content marketing is a castigation of digital marketing. It is defined as the set of techniques for creating and publishing. If managing digital content that generates value for the user. The focus of this strategy and set of actions is on arousing our target audience’s interest. In the online environment and causing. Is user interaction through calls to action or Calls to Action. Is content marketing something new? Perhaps, as we know it, it is something innovative. However, Joe Pulizzi already started using it a few years ago.

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