A marketing campaign is a communication strategy carry out by companies to spread a brand’s product, service, or material to its target market and fix it in its potential consumers’ minds.

Disseminating the products or services offered by a company seems like a complex mission, right? This was the opinion of Sandra, owner of a small business.

What is Marketing Campaign?

What is Marketing Campaign_

A marketing campaign is a set of pieces created to spread a brand, more precisely, a product or a service. They present the same idea, the same slogan, the same styles, and colours, among other similar aspects. There must unity between the pieces for the action to consider a campaign.

Each advertising campaign must have a particular concept and a theme. You must be curious to know the idea within the subject matter, right?

The concept is the message you want to pass on to the consumer; it is a differential; you can also say that it is a promise. Within the concept, it is essential to include the theme. Thus, this can defines as how the idea will transmit.

What is the Structure of a Marketing Campaign?

When structuring an advertising campaign, it is essential to reflect on the product or service based on the action. You have to think about various features such as how well known the product or service is in the market.

It would help if you thought about whether leaving the media opens space for competition. Two other aspects necessary to detect the best type of campaign are to analyze if the product needs a more institutional or social identity and if a suitable promotion can boost sales. It is also essential to evaluate the possibility of including exciting novelties in the advertising campaign.

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What Types of Marketing Campaigns Exist?

Until then, we have generically talked about campaign types. Now, we will make a brief contribution about each of them:

1. Institutional Advertising Campaign

This type of action enables the company to become known. That is, its objective is to make a brand known or to able to inform most customers about a novelty.

Thus, it offers a brand and not a product. Generally, it is used on commemorative dates with a specific emotional tone.

2. Social campaign

A campaign of this type is usually cultural space delimit by many goals. It is possible to include components of the past, present, and future desired for the company and society.

In general, an advertising campaign with this function seeks to be the basis of new beliefs or culture. Even social campaigns can sources of inspiration for essential changes in society.

3. Government Campaign

Its objective is to change or potentiate the image of a government. It is made by the government to win the most expressive support of the citizens, stimulate the vote in the next elections and achieve other diverse objectives.

4. Election Campaign

It is common for candidates for public office and their supporters to campaign for votes during the electoral period. This is an action whose main objective is to present the qualities of each candidate and the advantages of supporting them to achieve desire political office.

5. Brand, product, or service launch campaign

This is one of the leading marketing strategies of companies and usually produces good results. Thus, a positive impression of the campaign object must generate.

Digital Marketing Campaigns – Marketing Campaign

Digital Marketing Campaigns

A digital marketing campaign is a set of strategies created specifically to meet a specific marketing or sales objective. This can achieve with different actions, and in the case of the digital world, it is executing in other digital media depending on the goals set and the public to which it directs.

For example, you can do a lead generation campaign, and for that, you will follow specific steps and perform particular actions until your goals are met.

1. Facebook Campaign

Maybe you already know, but if you don’t know, I’ll tell you that to advertise on Facebook, its ad manager tool asks you to create “campaigns.” Campaigns on Facebook have a goal (like marketing campaigns), such as interactions with the page, visits to a page, or conversions on a site.

Campaigns end up with one or more sets of ads that can target different audiences. Ad sets (including one ad or multiple ads) comprise various content: images, text, videos, carousels, links, etc.

2. Campaign in Google Ads

The primary search engine advertising tool is Google Ads. Here a campaign also has an objective, but it is made up of a group of advertisements that share a budget, audiences, and other relevant aspects based on keywords and a lot of data collected, And also. In general, campaigns use to organize the categories of products or services offered and comprise Adgroups, ads, and keywords. A single Google Ads account can have one or more active campaigns.

3. Campaigns in Marketing and Sales

In the marketing and sales platform of inConcert, Marketing & Sales, there is a module called “Campaigns.” Here a campaign is the grouper and container of objectives and they’re relate actions to execute or measured in the tool.

There will a campaign for each strategy that we establish, And also. It will consist of several elements: hours of operation, costs, content, integration, media, channels, processes, and much more. Therefore, the “campaign” that you generate in Marketing & Sales can include several campaigns in different digital media (Facebook, Google Ads, or even telephone or email marketing campaigns).

4. Online Marketing Campaigns

Among the most common types of campaigns in Digital Marketing are email marketing campaigns, And also. In this case, the measurement is as important as the presentation and content deliver to the recipients.

The most common metrics in email marketing are, among others, subscribed users, opening rate, bounce rate, cancellations, and clicks on links.

5. Web Campaign Parameters

In any campaign aimed at a web page, And also. It is essential to measure the impact of the efforts made and compare it with achievements obtain, And also. To do this, campaign parameters use in all the outgoing links of the said campaign (either from emails or other websites) to identify in the web analytics tool.

Examples of Campaign Parameters – Marketing Campaign

Here’s an example of campaign parameters generated by Google’s URL Builder tool, configure for Google Analytics:


  • The source is the source.
  • Medium is the medium.
  • The campaign is the name of the campaign.
  • The term is the term when there are different sub-campaigns within a campaign.
  • Content is the content type.


A Marketing Campaign is a broad set of strategies that aims to publicize the products or services you have to offer, And also. These campaigns are essential to create and improve the acceptance of the article within the market where they enter.

Many people have the misconception that an Advertising Campaign is simply creating an ad, And also. But nothing could be further from the truth; The success of a campaign will bases on the organization that arises from the beginning. In the same way, And also. It is vital to establish which sector the advertising bombardment aims at.

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