Norstrat is a consultancy company that provides services like technology and business solutions. They suggest that clients make educated decisions and implement innovative strategies to help them meet their goals and achieve objectives in their business. This consulting company is run by Lee Carson, who generated more than $200 million in Canadian contracts. The company primarily focuses on sizeable government-funded infrastructure projects.

However, this company oversees communications and other vital aspects of its client’s business. Its primary mission was to partner with companies at the forefront of the information age and assist them in design and development.

Companies, sometimes even the government and military, also need professional advice to develop their performance, as do those who approach Norstrat. However, It is one of the best companies that greatly help many people in business, governments, and even the military. The Northern Canada Strategy is a great idea to grow your business.


The people depicted a bold and challenging federal infrastructure project and joined Canada from East to West. Now it is the time to participate from South to North.

However, the railroad solution is not enough now, so, Norstrat consulting company provides infrastructure projects for the development and protection of the North.

What is the History of Norstrat?

What is the History of Norstrat_

Norstrat was co-founded in 2010 with the collaboration of the Canadian Armed Forces and government officials. Initially, it started with a small office in Canada which later expanded to the United States. Since then, he has provided digital marketing strategies to international clients for their desired telecom marketing products, PR, and services.

It wasn’t long before Norstrat became an integrated communications consultancy providing companies and international brands with innovative digital strategies, public relations, and social media marketing services. However, the company is constantly growing and seeks to expand its activities abroad.

Who is the Norstrat Founder

Who is the Norstrat Founder

The NORSTRAT group of corporations was founded by retired Canadian Armed Forces officers and northern business leaders. His goal was to ensure that government agencies in regions like his responded to needs that coincided with the Northern Strategy, which includes policy development initiatives or public consultations focused on issues that affect our environment.

However, this initiative began when Stephen Harper’s administration realized how important it would be to have policies that address the changes that occur within borders and protrude; note that there has been significant global warming in recent decades due to human activity as well, a problem that most people usually don’t think about until a disaster strikes.

Services Offered by Norstrat?

Services Offered by Norstrat_

NORSTRAT Consulting Services is a full-service consulting firm providing clients with strategic advice and expertise. Our team can help you best implement your Northern Strategy, answering essential inquiries such as “What do I need? or help define the project’s scope at each implementation stage. We also ensure that all operational requirements are met through our acquisition strategy so that there is no confusion in the future.

These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Project description and management support
  • Training in strategic business development
  • Recording and bid support
  • Description of purchase strategy
  • Description of performance requirements
  • Memorandum to Cabinet
  • Demonstration of story expertise
  • Strategic advice on one’s Northern Strategy campaign
  • Marketing research, process, and identity design
  • Digital consulting

Offers additional training programs, including leadership programs, business training programs, franchising and entrepreneurship, and professional development workshops. These programs help trainees make informed decisions about whether or not they want to pursue a particular career. In addition, they stay up to date on the newest developments in their current field. These also help them improve their soft skills with formal instructions and practical exercises. As a result, they eventually become able to manage their time and work.

The company also offers a version of FINVIZ for people with language barriers. Still, a lot of content is available in the free version for most leagues of people.

Norstrat uses JQuery Migrate, GoDaddy DNS, Google Font API, WordPress, etc. He developed a system that helped oil companies acquire as many oil and gas deposits under the ocean floor as possible. The company also launched a new underwater search system using satellite imagery to see target locations better. He is currently in the process of commissioning many military productions from the private sector. It has become a vital infrastructure for public health officials.

Norstrat Training Programs

There are several training programs offered by Norstrat, such as:

  • leadership programs
  • Entrepreneurship
  • professional development workshops
  • Franchising and also
  • company training programs

These programs help trainees make informed decisions about their careers and other business aspects. Also, they help others keep up with the latest developments in their field and improve their soft skills. Because It helps them properly manage their affairs, time and work.

Firstly, it also provides a FINVIZ version for people who do not understand the English language or have language barriers.

Other Norstrat Company Facts

  • He has helped many clients plan their new business models and create strategies to help them grow their businesses.
  • He has also helped big companies and organizations with small things like getting their jobs done on time. They brought in a group of experts to break down barriers and become experts in the areas needed. and also
  • Currently, it is selecting many productions from the private military sector.
  • It has become a crucial structure for public health officials. and aslo
  • The owner, Mr. Lee Carson, is a long-time respected Canadian aerospace and defense community member.
  • It provides customers with the best packages, ensuring that they meet the demands and requirements of their customers on time. And also
  • The company mainly focuses on the programs and actions of structures funded by the federal government.

How does Norstrat Benefit, an Individual?

How does Norstrat Benefit, an individual_

Norstrat will guide, mentor, and advise you on the crucial points needed for your business to thrive and influence your future.

Firstly, they select for you an expert with the necessary knowledge of the Northern Strategy, depending on the site of the skills of the stakeholders, the image of the company, and the way it can be developed in the Canadian North without going against the Northern Strategy for the task you want to accomplish.

Norstrat Facts That You Must Know

Nordstrom’s head office is in Canada. The turnover of this company is less than five million, and it has less than twenty-five employees.

1. Technology

The technologies used by this company are JQuery Migrate, Google Font API, GoDaddy DNS, and also, etc.

2. Corporate Purpose

The company developed a system that allowed oil companies to find more potential oil and gas deposits below the ocean floor.

At the same time, Norstrat developed a new underwater search system based on satellite images. It shows the areas currently below the surface.

3. Services Offered to Clients

They have helped many clients with a new business model plan and developed strategies for business growth.

In addition, they have also helped many large companies and organizations to do their things promptly.

With the help of the group of experts, they broke down these obstacles and became experts in their specific field.

This company is currently in the process of starting many private-sector military productions.

4. From the Founder’s Office

This consulting firm has become a vital infrastructure for public health officials.

Mr. Carson is a long-time respected Canadian aerospace and defense community member.

  • Norstrat always offers the best package to meet your needs and demands on time. And also
  • Norstrat primarily focuses on major infrastructure projects and actions funded by the Canadian federal government.


Q.Where Is The Address Of Norstrat Canada?

The address of the Canada branch is 3 Arbuckle Crescent, Ottawa, ON K2G 5G9, Ontario Canada

Q2: Who Are The Norstrat Cloud Competitors?

Here are the three names of the competitors.


Call Rail and also

Go to connect

Q3. What exactly does Norstrat do?

Norstrat’s primary goal is to help people with specific business goals build the necessary northern infrastructure and create elements of Canada’s Northern Strategy. They do this by sharing their wealth and experience and dedicating themselves to the success of their clients.

Q4. How does Norstrat help its clients?

However, they guide clients through the government’s North Strategy and business opportunities. They also help clients identify and access critical stakeholders by sharing their experiences and knowledge of the unique issues. And also opportunities associated with infrastructure development in Northern Canada.

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Norstrat consultant will offer their services in different packages, and you can choose your parcel from their official website. It was started by one person and joined by various military and government employees to further develop the developed country by ensuring that companies implement the Northern Strategy. His employees’ cutting-edge technology tools and expertise are something that has built his business and helped grow many others in Canada and the United States.

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