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Graphic design is the practice of visual communication, using images to convey information and concepts to a viewer. But it’s also a pretty nebulous term. Depending on who you ask, they can be exclusively analogue (or print) designer products. For some, it is the principal label to describe almost every other discipline that contains the word “design”. And for others, it may even encompass art itself. So what is graphic design?

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Graphic design is also communication design, and graphic designers are visual communicators. They often bring visual concepts to life through graphic design software and inform or engage consumers through text, graphics, and images.

What Is the Definition of Graphic Design?

What Is the Definition of Graphic Design_Graphic design is an interdisciplinary profession that involves the strategic use of aesthetic principles to bring order and meaning to visual content. It can describe both a concept and a physical thing: more specifically, it is an academic subject, a practice, an industry, a product, and a purchasable service.

Graphic design is all about leveraging aesthetics to help an audience digest sometimes complex content. To better understand this, let’s look at some common examples of graphic design sub-disciplines and the different information conveyed:

Logo design: communicates the identity of a brand

Web/app design: transmits navigation signals, interactions, and written content

Print Layout: Communicates the order and importance of written information

Cover design: communicates the content of a book/album/magazine

Advertising design: shares the intended experience of a product for sale.

Label/packaging design: communicates product information

What are the Types of Graphic Design?

What are the Types of Graphic Design_Graphic design is all around us, meaning various visual and UX design areas and specializations exist. Each type of design wants specific graphic design skills and techniques.

Visual Identity Graphic Design

Visual identity graphic design attention to the visual elements of a brand. Its objective is to communicate a brand’s identity through images, shapes and colours. Graphic designers within this area create features such as logos, typefaces, colour palettes, and image libraries that represent a brand. They also develop visual branding guidelines to ensure brand consistency across uses.

Graphic Design for Marketing and Advertising

This type of design is used to retail products or services. It can include print ads, such as posters, billboards, brochures, catalogues, and packaging, or digital ads, such as TV advertisements, video ads, or social media posts.

If graphic designers exertion in this area, they devote a lot of time to creating assets for marketing tactics and campaigns. They develop ideas, investigate consumption habits and create designs directed to the target audience. This type of design implies an excellent knowledge of how to sell a product and attract consumers.

Web Design

Web design involves planning and building website appearance, layout, structure, and layout. It focuses on the front-end aspects of a website, including the user experience. Although somewhat like a graphic design career, web designers combine various visual elements, such as text, photos, graphics, and video, to create attractive, easy-to-use sites and pages. Web design is also closely related to UX and UI design.

Graphic Design Publication

This design attentions on creating layouts and selecting typefaces and artwork, including photography, graphics, and illustrations. Graphic Designers in this part work with books, newspapers, magazines, and catalogues. They need to understand colour management, print and digital publishing.

Graphic Packaging Design

Packaging not only protects products but is also an important marketing tool. Graphic packaging design requires an understanding of printing processes, industrial design and manufacturing. Graphic designers in this area develop concepts, mockups, and print-ready files. It packaging designers must keep track of trends and competitors to create packaging that stands out to consumers.

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