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Website Write for Us – A website is a group of several web pages and related pages sharing a single domain name. Websites can remain created and preserved by an individual, group, business, or organization to serve various purposes. To make your Website available to every person in the world, it must remain stored or hosted on a computer connected to the Internet around the clock.

Website Write For UsSuch computers are known as Web Server. These web pages contain and display information about the business or organization, usually made up of photos, videos, and text. Users need a device with a web browser (laptops, smartphones or tablets) and an internet connection to access a website.

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Techopedia explains Website

Websites are almost endless, including educational sites, news sites, porn sites, forums, social networking sites, and e-commerce sites. Website pages are often a mix of text and other media. That being said, no rules dictate what a website should look like.

A person does create a website with nothing more than black and white photos of roses or the word “cat” linked to another web page with the word “mouse”. However, many sites follow a standard home page pattern that connects to other categories and content on the Website.

The home page (or simply “home”) represents the site’s main page. The home page is often a “hub” from which all other pages can be accessed. An internal web page to which many other pages link in a coherent structure (such as a specific category of topics) remains called a “home page”.

Each page is a single HTML document, and all are linked by hyperlinks (or simply “link”) that can be combined into a navigation bar for ease of use.

The navigation bar does displayed on all pages instead of just the home page, allowing the user to move through the main website structure quickly.

How to Approach Websites?

When we type a specific URL in a browser’s search bar, the browser requests the page from the web server, and the web server returns the requested web page and its contents to the browser. However, this differs from how the server returns the required information in the case of static and dynamic websites.

Types of Websites:

Static Website

Dynamic Website

Static Website – The server returns web pages and predefined source code files created using simple languages like HTML, CSS or JavaScript. There is no rendering of content on the server (according to the user) on static websites. Web pages are returned unchanged by the server, so static websites are fast. There is no interaction with the databases. Also, they are cheaper because the host does not need to support server-side processing with different languages.

Dynamic Website: In dynamic websites, web pages are returned from the server, which is rendered during execution, which means that they are not predefined web pages but are built during execution. Execution based on user demand with the help of server-side scripting languages like PHP., Node.js, ASP.NET and many more supported on the server. Therefore, they are slower than static websites, but updates and interaction with databases are possible. Dynamic websites are used instead of static websites because updates can be done quickly compared to static websites (where every page has to be changed). Still, in dynamic websites, it is possible to make a standard change once, which will be reflected on all web pages.

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