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IoT Cloud Write for Us – IoT devices remain interconnected through an extensive network infrastructure in an IoT ecosystem. You might think this infrastructure does the house in an office annexe, with large servers with flashing red and green lights. There has been a growing interest in leveraging the cloud to maintain IoT data due to the ease of accessibility, scalability, and disaster recovery capabilities of the cloud.

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What is IoT Cloud?

What is IoT Cloud_An IoT cloud is a vast network that supports IoT devices and applications. It includes the underlying infrastructure, servers, and storage required for real-time processing and operations. An IoT cloud also consists of the services and standards needed to connect, manage, and secure different IoT devices and applications.

How Does IoT Cloud Work?

Through built-in sensors and trackers, IoT devices collect data. The data remain then transferred to a data centre where all the data from other IoT devices is stored. Some data centres remain hosted on-site. But today, more companies (50%) are storing their data in the cloud for further processing (Figure 1).

Cloud storage can be private for the company, public (e.g. Google cloud or AWS) or hybrid.

So is the Cloud Necessary for IoT?

Technically, the answer is no. Data processing and order could occur locally rather than in the cloud via an internet connection. Known as “fog computing” or “edge computing, ” this makes great sense for some IoT applications.

However, using the cloud for many IoT applications has substantial benefits. Choosing not to use the cloud would significantly slow down the industry due to increased costs.

The Internet of Things and the Cloud

Activities such as data storage and processing take place in the cloud rather than on the device itself. It has had significant implications for the IoT.

Many IoT systems use sensors to collect data and make intelligent decisions (want to know how an IoT system works?).

Using the cloud is essential for aggregating data and learning from that data. Comparing data in more extensive areas without the shadow is much more challenging. For example, a savvy agricultural company might reach Kansas and Colorado soil moisture sensors after planting the same seeds.

The use of the cloud also allows excellent scalability. When you have hundreds, thousands, or even millions of sensors, putting large amounts of computing power into each sensor would be extremely expensive and power-hungry. Instead, data can be streamed to the cloud from these sensors and processed together.

For much of the IoT, the system’s head (or rather the brain) is in the cloud. Sensors and devices collect data and perform actions, but the processing, control, and analysis (i.e. the “smart” stuff) usually happen in the cloud.

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