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Visual technology Write for Us – Visual technology is the engineering discipline that deals with graphical representation. It is essential to the future success of all businesses. Human beings rely on vision to see, experience, and navigate the world around them. We only see objects when they are within a field of light created by a light source.

Visual Technology for Us

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Visual technology is on the Rise

Collectively, IPOs of visual technologies like Snap, Pinterest, and Zoom have begun to show the value that visual technology can create across various industries, even when it comes to simple video or photo sharing that are only supplements to our lives. Now consider the value we can make as visual technology improves our business’s core activities and well-being.

Whether it’s a warehouse or an emergency room, tiny cameras and visual sensors are embedded in many products in our daily lives. It is rendering to an initial analysis by LDV Capital, which invests in visual technology companies. Over 30 industries have or will have cameras integrated into their products in the next five years.


Cameras and visual sensors provide the robots with their vision. Robots like Carbon’s robotic arm, KATIA, could be deployed in manufacturing to ramp up production alongside humans (although he doesn’t have a picture yet). Plus One Robotics uses vision-based robotics software to, as its website states, “address material handling challenges for logistics.” And Wing, the Google spin-off, just got the first certification from the Federal Aviation Administration for drone deliveries.


I have also noticed an emerging trend in the medical field to implement computer vision and artificial intelligence to automate medical data analysis and enable precision care. Recursion Pharmaceuticals, for example, uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to discover new treatments and accelerate drug discovery. Another unique application of computer vision in medicine is posed estimation, where computer vision detects the position and orientation of an object. Then there’s telemedicine, which allows providers to arrange digital medical visits and uses visual technology to facilitate video visits.

Smart Homes

Companies are now integrating cameras into everything from doorbells like Ring to fridges. According to market research by IDC, the smart home device market will reach 1.3 billion devices by 2022, with double-digit growth expected in the coming years. As the integration of Google Assistant with Nest shows, I believe that AI assistants will play an essential role in creating truly “smart” homes. They could connect to other devices to recognize when your child has come home and automatically unlock the door for them, for example.

Technologies like these also change how companies tell their brand story – I’ve seen it firsthand in my industry as we watch thousands of brands pitch to journalists.

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