Cyolo 21m Serieswiggersventurebeat, Cyolo, a startup rising a platform that enables users to securely access their organization’s applications, servers, desktops and files, announced today. That it had raised $21 million in Series A money led by Glilot Capital Partners, with an investment strategy after National Grid Partners and Merlin Cyber and care from existing backers Flint Capital, Global Founders Capital and Difference Ventures. Cyolo says the funds will remain used to hasten growth and R&D efforts and help new customers navigate the transition to zero-trust networks.

Many global governments are taking swift action on cybersecurity by accelerating the acceptance of new security best practices based on Zero Trust connectivity. Organizations today are more susceptible than ever to flaws and vulnerabilities, which can cause lasting financial and reputational damage.

Cyolo’s solution provides a disruptive new way to connect users to their work environments. It rejects transitive trust and incessantly identifies and authorizes each device, user, and identity before and after granting them access to any organizational resource or application. cyolo 21m serieswiggersventurebeat

About Cyolo and Role of Cyolo In IT? Cyolo 21m Serieswiggersventurebeat

What is the role of Cyolo In IT? Cyolo 21m Serieswiggersventurebeat

Cyolo supports organizations in the IT and OT spaces to stay secure and productive in an era of unprecedentedly distributed workforces and cyber threats. Cyolo’s next-generation Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA 2.0) solution enables all users, including employees, third parties, and onsite and remote workers, to seamlessly and securely connect to their working environments through modern identity-based authentication.

With a unified solution that integrates with your existing technology stack and remains easily deployed in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid model, Cyolo enables the global workforce to securely access applications, files, servers, and desktops from any device in local networks or the clouds. For more information, visit

Cyolo continuously discovers and authorizes devices, users, and identities on a network. Giving them access to organizational resources, applications, data, software, and more. Covering IT and operational technology, Cyolo has no visibility into customer data. Ensuring organizations are not compromised to share data or secrets.

“Cyolo was created in 2019 by former commanders of the Israel Navy Cyber Unit to help organizations stay agile, resilient and productive,” co-founder and CEO Almog Apirion told VentureBeat via email. “The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation in nearly every industry and vertical. The fundamental change is that secure computer connectivity is shifting from network-based to cyberspace-based identities. Cyolo is bringing this secure zero-trust connectivity and identity-based verification to cyberspace and turning entities into users: devices, computers, services.”

Zero Trust Platform – Cyolo 21m Serieswiggersventurebeat

Cyolo works in existing environments and requires no infrastructure changes, adapting to different locations, networks or platforms, according to Aspiration. Any device running a “modern” operating system can identify itself with a passport or verifiable identity. And each entity on the platform can locate other identities before approving connections.

HoAspiration gave the example of Rapac Energy, a customer who worked with Cyolo to provide access to systems connected to vendors and support teams. The new solution had to provide security features that met strict requirements. Both regulatory and directed by the Rapac security team.

Why Cyolo’s Funding Matters

Why Cyolo's Funding Matters

In general, the need for zero-trust security has reached new levels. Breaches, hacks, ransomware, and other cyberattacks continue to rise. COVID-19 is to blame, as are popular events, remote work, and the growing value of data within many corporations and governments.

For Apirion, the new round of funding for Cyolo is as essential to channel partners as it is to end users. “We understand that the relationship with the channel is as important as our relationship with customers,” he said. “We are an extension of each other’s teams and want to ensure we can support each other to be successful.”

Cyolo also raised some money from National Grid Partners, Merlin Ventures, Flint

Capital, Global Founders Capital and Differential Ventures. The company’s Series A money contributes to the private equity macro financing streak. By June, private equity firms had closed 13 deals in the United States alone, surpassing the 2020 total of 11, according to PitchBook.

About National Grid Partners

National Grid Partners (NGP) is the investment and innovation arm of National Grid plc. One of the world’s largest investor-owned energy companies. NGP invests in strategic and financial impact and drives disruptive innovation efforts across the enterprise.

However, The organization offers a cross-functional approach to new business creation. Including innovation (new business creation), guidance and incubation, venture capital, business development and acceleration. NGP remain headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Boston, London and New York.

How to use Cyolo 21m Serieswiggersventurebeat

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Cyolo’s proprietary Zero Effort approach encompasses Zero Trust connectivity and unifies the simplicity and agility of cloud-native solutions, on-premises or as a hybrid. Without ever storing sensitive information. Cyolo adapts to all industries and verticals to provide enterprises with access to critical applications and reduce operational security costs.

Cyolo has bent the Next Generation Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA 2.0). This unified solution allows IT and security teams to quickly implement Zero Trust connectivity. And build their own distributed cloud without any infrastructure changes.


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Why is Cyolo Funding Crucial?

There is a growing demand for zero-trust security. There has been a increase in cyber attacks, breaches, hacking, and ransomware. COVID-19 is to blame, along with cultural phenomena, telecommuting. And the increasing monetary value of data to businesses and governments worldwide for developing Cyplo funding.