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Voice Search Marketing Write for Us

Voice search marketing has quickly become one of the hottest topics for content marketers and SEOs. What started as amusing videos of completely misunderstood voice search queries rapidly achieved a 95% accuracy rate and is a widely used method of getting quick and convenient insights. A whopping 72% of US residents aware of voice search have used the feature, so optimizing it is vital to keep tabs on your business.

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The voice search market has grown in popularity since the innovative “Google Assistant” in 2011, and since then, the search engine has become a battleground for it. Voice search marketing has become common among businesses and users. From audio recordings to content playback, the market has embraced this technology as a rank builder and marketers have sought it out to enhance their online business. Thus, the convenience of voice search for users has brought it to the forefront of search marketing and made voice search marketing the future of digital marketing.

Why Has Voice Search Marketing Become So Vital?

Why Has Voice Search Marketing Become So Vital_With vast improvements in accuracy, there has been a much more significant increase in users relying on voice search for hands-free convenience. Consumers no longer need to waste time typing their search by hand, especially when on the go, and marketers need to consider this when creating content.

Smart speakers have normalized voice commands in our home lives. Online shopping and voice control of home appliances have become commonplace, making users more comfortable with voice search.


  • Voice search marketing is quickly becoming the top consideration in optimizing data and content for digital marketers.
  • Massive improvements in the accuracy of voice search and the adoption of home devices like smart speakers have fueled its growing popularity.
  • Most voice search users search for local businesses, so having complete control of your listings can improve your chances of appearing in results.

Voice Search Marketing Examples

Typed searches tend to be minimalist, using as few words as possible, such as “best bakery in Toronto.”

But with voice search, the user expects an extra conversational exchange and will likely ask a grammatically correct question like “what’s the best bakery in Toronto?”

So, to qualify for voice search, you’ll want to create the most natural-sounding answer so that it feels like a natural person understood and answered the question.

Voice search digital marketing is all about if the best possible answers to questions and having a great review generation strategy to sort through questions like “what is the best cocktail bar near me?”

Voice Search Marketing Optimization

Writing concisely and naturally is vital to ranking your content for voice search.

According to Semrush’s 2020 Voice Search Study for Local Businesses, 23 words is the sweet spot for voice search results on all assistants (Google Assistant goes further, returning an average response of 41 words). Up to 70% of voice search results are snippets, so the same best practices that apply to ranking in that coveted Google real estate also apply to voice search marketing. Create content around the most searched questions and use queries as titles to organize your text. You can also use schema markup to clarify your most important and sought-after data to search engines.

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