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A computer network is a gathering of devices linked by links. A node can be a desktop, printer, or device capable of sending or receiving data. The links connecting the nodes are called communication channels. The computer network uses distributed processing in which the task is distributed among several computers. Instead, a single computer handles a complete task, each separate computer taking a subset.

Nodes and links are the building blocks of computer networks. A network node can be data communications equipment (DCE), such as a modem, hub, or switch, or data terminal equipment (DTE), such as two or additional computers and printers. A link mentions the transmission medium that connects two nodes. Links can be physical, such as cables, fibre optics, or free space used by wireless networks.

Computer Network Write for UsIn a computer network, nodes follow the rules or protocols describing sending and receiving electronic data over links. It architecture describes the design of these physical and logical components. It provides the specifications of the physical features of the network, the functional organization, the protocols and the procedures.

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What Do Computer Networks Do?

Computer networks were initially created in the late 1950s for defence and military use. They were first used to convey data over telephone lines and had incomplete commercial and scientific applications. With the arrival of Internet technologies, a computer network has become essential for businesses.

Modern network solutions offer more than connectivity. They are essential for today’s companies’ digital transformation and success. The underlying network abilities have become additional programmable, automated, and secure.

Updated It can:

Operate Virtually

The underlying physical network substructure can be logically partitioned to create multiple “overlay” networks. In an overlay computer network, nodes are virtually linked, and data can be transmitted over various physical paths. For example, many corporate networks overlap the Internet.

Integrate To Scale

Modern network services connect physically distributed computer networks. These services can optimize network functions through automation and monitoring to create a high-performance network at scale. Network services can be scaled up or down based on demand.

React Quickly to Changing Conditions

Many computer networks are defined by software. Traffic can be centrally routed and controlled via a digital interface. These computer networks support virtual traffic management.

Ensure Data Security

All network solutions have built-in security features such as encryption and access control. Third-party solutions such as antivirus software, firewalls, and anti-malware can be integrated to make the network more secure.

How Many Types of Computer Network Architecture?

It design falls into two broad categories:

  1. Client-server architecture

In this computer network, the nodes can be servers or clients. Server nodes provide resources such as memory, processing power, or data to client nodes. Server nodes can also manage client node behaviour. Clients can communicate with each other but do not share resources. For example, some computing devices on corporate networks store data and configuration settings. These devices are the network servers. Clients can access this data by requesting the server machine.

  1. Point-to-point architecture

In Peer-to-Peer (P2P) architecture, connected computers have the same powers and privileges. There is no central server for coordination. Each device in the computer network can act as a client or server. Each pair can share some of its resources, such as memory and processing power, with the entire computer network. For example, some companies use the P2P architecture to host memory-intensive applications, such as 3D rendering, on various digital devices.

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