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Search engine marketing is a very effective way to increase your ranking on search engines like Google and drive qualified traffic to your website. Investing in search engine marketing is a great way to increase brand awareness and sales. To make sure you can use SEM to advertise your products or services on the SERPs successfully, we’ve compiled a list of the best SEM tools and the components of an SEM ad auction.

Search Engine Marketing Write For UsSEM is a digital marketing plan that aims to get your business or client on the first page of search engine results, if not the first position. The goal is to drive more traffic to your site, which you can then change.

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What Is Search Engine Marketing?

SEM contains all the tools, techniques and plans that help to optimize the visibility of websites and web pages on search engines like Google and other similar sites.

There are two main ways to appear at the top of the result.

Organic or natural results are regularly displayed in the page’s centre and selected by Google’s algorithm. This algorithm evaluates the website’s relevance (the quality of the content and its ability to answer a specific search) and the expertise of the website (links from other pages).

Paid results are similarly displayed at the top of the page but in a column to the right. Unlike organic results, the advertiser has to pay a certain amount for each click on their ad. Using platforms such as Google Ads is compulsory to buy ad space in search engines.

In theory, SEM covers both categories of results. But in practice, techniques that aim to improve organic rankings fall under SEO, and strategies that aim to appear among paid results are classified as SEM. To evade confusion, we will use the term SEM or search engine marketing only for the latter.

Therefore, SEM contains a series of tools, techniques and plans to optimize search engine advertising, appearing in the top positions, reducing the cost per click and maximizing the conversions of these ads. The best-known and used SEM platform is Google Ads, but there are other solutions, such as Bing Ads.

SEM Concepts

Keywords: These are terms that users enter into search engines that request the display of a particular ad or search result. They don’t have to be individual words. It’s common to use groups of words or phrases, such as “buy Nike shoes” or “what’s the best accounting software.”

Concordance: When setting up a movement in Google Ads, you need to define how well the keywords you selected match the terms people use when entering a query into a search engine. It is called “concordance”. For example, if you choose a broad match, your ad will show when the user searches for synonyms or similar terms to your keyword. If you opt for an exact match, your ad will only appear when the user enters a specific keyword into the google hunt engine.

Text Ad: This is the average type of ad displayed on search engines, although today, there are many options, such as shopping ads. Text ads typically include a title, a customizable display URL, and a short description.

Ad group: In Google Ads, a collection comprises multiple ads with exact keywords. With this method, you can see which is the most effective.

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Campaign: In Google Ads, the movement is like the “umbrella” under which ad groups with similar goals are organized. For example, if you sell school materials online, one campaign might include adgroups for textbooks, another for backpacks, and a third for drawing supplies.

Landing page: this is the web page to which the user is directed after clicking on an ad. To do well with search engine marketing, this page must be optimized for conversions and require users to take specific actions (such as filling out a form to download an eBook). The keywords displayed, ad, and landing page should be aligned to ensure a good user experience.

Search Network: These are where your ads appear. The most common option is at the top right of the results page, but you can also view them on other sites like YouTube.

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