Latest Trends in Influencer Marketing


It is widespread that the different brands want and need to renew their marketing strategy and look for new alternatives to reach more users that boost their activity. Therefore, we must be attentive to the latest trends in influencer marketing.

That is why, at present, influencers are triumphing in many sectors. These people can convince a large number of followers to purchase a service or product or carry out an action.

Tops Latest Trends of Influencer Marketing

Before talking about influencer marketing, I would like to start talking about the importance that this strategy has gained in recent years.

Marketing studies have shown that 63% of specialists have decided to increase their budget this year, given the effectiveness of the strategies. Different from what occurred in the early days of social networks, content creators have become professionalized, and we now find that the sector offers much more complex and competitive strategies

For this reason, influencer marketing helps to think of techniques that are best suited for the promotion of brands, and the Space Media team makes it easy for you in this guest article:

1. Brands ask for Authentic Content

The new regulations are slowly marking the ground for a type of sincere content. Authenticity and credibility must be part of the promotion. The influencers must manage to offer the product/service, leaving aside the trite and rather bland formats typical of traditional advertising. Sincerity can speak from its defects but always make it clear that it is the best option despite this.

2. Tik Tok and Reels in the lead

The short video format for entertainment is the engine of promotions. In addition, 64% of consumers say they like to watch a video of the product they plan to buy. TikTok allows you to carry out strategies around challenges and tutorials and short “how-to” that allow you to appeal to creativity to carry out promotions.

3. UGC Content

Hand in hand with viral challenges, user-generated content is an excellent campaign setting for creating engaging content. Through proposals such as challenges or contests that involve the audience’s participation, user content can be generated to promote and strengthen closer ties with your community.

4. Micro-Influencers Take the Scene

You no longer have to think about popular characters with a million followers. Influencers with a range of followers between10k-100k generate more effective engagement by having a niche audience. The more popular the influencer, the more diverse the tastes of their audience.

5. Long-Term Collaborations

Brands prefer strategies similar to those they carry out with brand ambassadors. So if the first campaign has been successful, they will not hesitate to continue the collaboration for future promotions.

6. Storytelling Over Promotion

The storytelling technique captures all areas of marketing and advertising. Through a simple story, the values ​​and beliefs of a brand can be transmitted and generate an emotional rapprochement. More and more brands are thinking of promotion strategies with this type of narrative using influencers with high engagement.

Influencer Marketing in Data and Statistics

Influencer Marketing in Data and Statistics

More and more companies or brands include the collaboration of influencers in their marketing strategies. Any successful social network is valid since Tik Tok, which has increased the number of active users over the last year, has also used. Despite the situation experienced during 2021 due to COVID-19, brands continued to trust influencers. This has led to the following conclusions:

It is estimated that 75% of brands dedicate part of their budget to this strategy throughout 2021.

  • Most brands would use the same influencers in their campaigns if the first one were effective.
  • Brands often give away products or offer discounts to influencers as payment.
  • The best way to amount the success of an influencer marketing campaign is finished sales.
  • TikTok has become one of the most popular social networks for this type of strategy.

Finding people whose followers may absorb in a particular product or service is one of the main objectives of brands.

Types of Influencer Marketing Trends

One interesting case is that companies are now encouraging employees to become social media influencers. Instead of hiring influencers, organizations are turning to cultivating their talent.

This approach to creating an influencer program with employees has several benefits for the company:

Trustworthy: Anytime an employee endorses your brand, it appears more genuine than a sponsored association.

Easy transition: Company employees will already be an integral part of internal operations, including content, strategy, marketing, and design. Making them the face of a campaign is natural.

More control: Brands can have more say in how campaigns execute when they use their employees.

Strengthen internal relationships: Your business can forge bonds with employees, helping them build their status and career as they help you increase brand recognition.

The effectiveness of this strategy remains to see since not all workers will have a sufficient number of followers for their material to translate into benefits for the company.


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