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Increase Sales – During increased sales, online sales are growing strongly, despite a general contraction in consumption worldwide. In this scenario, what optimizations can you make to increase the sales of an ECommerce and, even in this crisis, have better results? That is what we will see in this article.

Increasing online sales through eCommerce has been the solution for many companies during the current pandemic. If stores need to suspend brick-and-mortar sales and consumers stay home to prevent the spread of the new virus, the Internet is the best way out.

How did the New Coronavirus Affect Online Increase Sales?

How did the New Coronavirus Affect Online Increase Sales_

Online sales grew significantly during this period, during which the pandemic affected the routine of companies and consumers.

People have to remain confined, while most local businesses have closed their doors to reduce the spread of the virus. Although many people go out to make essential purchases, consumption has become virtual. At the beginning of the social isolation, there was a sudden drop in online sales, but the growth curve soon recovered and exceeded expectations.

Despite the growth of electronic commerce in Mexico, Colombia and other Latin American countries at this time, it is necessary to consider the generalized retraction of consumption. In times of disaster, no one needs to overspend.

Strategies to Increase Sales Online

Strategies to Increase Sales Online

1. Positioning in Social Networks

You may have caught the expression ‘if it’s not on social media, it doesn’t exist.’ It may sound somewhat exaggerated, but it is not far from the truth. The expansion of social networks worldwide seems to have no brake.

The latest forecasts on social media announce a constant growth in its use. The number of active monthly users will be above 3.50 million in 2023. It is estimated that the percentage of Internet users of social media globally will approach 82% in that year.

2. Create a Digital Community around the Values ​​of your Company

Now that you are on social networks do not forget two fundamental aspects: they are networks, and they are social. In other words, it is about building a community, not about publishing content without rhyme or reason.

Today, excellent customer service is essential, but it is no longer enough. Empathy is becoming more and more critical. Users buy from companies that reflect their values. 54% of consumers want to shop at companies that prioritize diversity, equality and inclusion in their communities and workplaces.

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3. Developing an omnichannel Service Strategy

According to schoolwork, did you know that brands with the most robust omnichannel customer engagement strategies have an average customer retention rate of 89%? There is a direct relationship between increased customer retention and increased sales. As a rule, regular buyers spend 33% more than new ones.

Users must be served consistently by any communication channels with the client they decide to use. An excellent experience distinguishes Omnichannel. At Zendesk, we believe that every perfect customer relationship starts with a conversation. We’ve created a customer service software company that develops solutions to improve customer relationships.

How to Increase Sales of My Business?

How to Increase Sales of My Business_

With these seven strategies that we want to share with you, you will be able to answer the question that almost all entrepreneurs ask themselves at some point: “How to increase the sales of my business?”

You will see how they are convenient, and you can start applying them in your business, even if you only started a short time ago.

Strategy No. 1 to increase sales: Make Promotions on critical dates

Instead of starting to make discounts like crazy, we recommend that you choose the important dates for your business on which you can make promotions to increase sales.

We recommend you do your research early and find out which are the best shopping days for e-commerce in your sector. Knowing those most profitable dates, create an editorial calendar with the publications and promotions you will do.

But if you are in a hurry and want to start right away, remember that, in general, the most important dates for an online store are:

  • Winter sales.
  • Valentine’s Day.
  • Father’s day.
  • Mother’s Day.
  • Summer sales.
  • Black Friday.

Now you have a task: decide which of these dates can be more profitable for your online store.

For example, it is possible that your products are aimed at a very young audience and that days such as Mother’s or Father’s Day barely bring you sales. In that case, the most profitable thing would be not to implement advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads during those periods since it will be tough for you to increase sales.

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Strategy No.2 to Increase Sales: Offer Gifts to Expand your Mailing List

At Shopify, we are convinced that email marketing is one of the best strategies to increase sales.

The problem is that when you are starting, your subscriber database may be small. And if you don’t have a good number of emails, it will be difficult for you to meet your goals. To get more addresses, the best way is to offer a gift in exchange for emails.

You can suggest relatively simple things such as a discount coupon, a free ebook, a gift card, or a product sample if the users who come to your website decide to subscribe and leave you their data.


You have a product or service, and you want to increase your online sales. But, perhaps it is costing you more than you expected, or you are starting your journey to sell online. Let no one deceive you; generating online sales is not an easy task. Dozens of variables influence that will increase or decrease your online sales.

You don’t lose patience and constantly test and modify things to see which strategies work better or worse for your business. This article will analyze short-term plans to increase sales that you can implement immediately and medium-long-term systems.