What is a 360º Virtual Tour?

360º virtual tours are gaining great relevance, especially for businesses and companies. They have found through virtual tours to show their customers their companies and products in straightforward ways.

The image haunts us and dominates our day to day. The RRSS, blogs, websites, and marketing depend on the image. Remember how many images you have seen of your friends or followers on social networks throughout the day. Today’s life is the image. That is why 360º virtual tours are booming.

How to Make a 360º Virtual Tour?

How to Make a 360º Virtual Tour_

A virtual visit or virtual tour consists of several panoramic images that are edited and “stitched” to perfection in a single final file, which has the possibility of user interaction. This means that anyone who can see the file from their mobile or computer will be able to move around the space and interact with the hot spots that have been established.

What Technologies are Used to Generate the 360º Virtual Tour?

Today there are mainly two technologies that allow the creation of 360º virtual tours. One of them is Giraffe 360, and another is Matterport 3D.

At 3D Dragons, we use Matterport because we can generate more interaction with the user thanks to the tools they offer us. We do this through labels or tags embedded within the tour. When the user clicks on the title, a popup is displayed. They will see more information or multimedia elements (such as videos or photos) to allow the user to understand all the features better.

How many 360º Photographs are needed to Create a Virtual Tour?

When creating a virtual tour, we need to consider the total space that we want to show visitors and the number of points that we want to allow them to move through while visiting.

This means that the number of photos needed to generate the complete virtual tour varies a lot depending on the space that is recorded. The more points we put in, the longer it will take to register the virtual space, but it will allow us to offer a higher final quality to users.

Advantages of 360º Virtual Tours

Advantages of 360º Virtual Tours

Now that you have better understood how a virtual tour is done, you have already thought of some things that you can use it for; however, there are even more advantages that virtual tours can offer to all businesses. Below we will show you some of them.

Thanks to matter port technology, once we have made a virtual space tour, we can know each room’s exact meters. Through software, Matterport 3D can interpret the same meters of each wall and calculate the actual square meters of each space.

For real estate agents, this is, for example, an essential feature when it comes to salespeople having exact data. Thus, at the time of viewing, real estate agents have all the information about the home and its rooms.

How a Virtual Tour Improves your Sales?

Virtual tours or tours can increase the conversion of a website or company. This is because they offer high-quality site information in a novel format.

All this translates into capturing users’ interest more quickly while providing them with an experience that will make them appreciate any space’s details with great precision. Thanks to this, anyone who has doubts will automatically answer, generating more confidence in your potential customers regarding your product or service.

Who needs a 360º Virtual Tour?

Virtual tours benefit all companies that need to increase awareness of their company, build trust, improve their online results and achieve their offline goals.

With a 360º tour, you can show the interior and the catalogue of your company and even convey the atmosphere of your space. A virtual tour increases online reservations for hotels and restaurants and helps real estate agents. Most importantly, 360° times work for both world-famous companies and small businesses.

Benefits of Virtual Tours for Real Estate

Benefits of Virtual Tours for Real Estate

Virtual tours make your work more content and easy.

Save time:  a study affirms that the physical visits necessary to sell a property can reduce by up to 70% by using virtual tours as an initial filter among potential buyers. This method avoids many trips that would be costly and unproductive for everyone.

Differentiate yourself from the rest and generate trust:  a property with a virtual tour include will stand out above its competitors in any real estate portal and give users an innovative and reliable image that will add many points in favour when deciding on shopping.

Be more visible to your potential digital customers: Internet search engines such as “Google” reward companies’ innovation and technological commitment. For this reason, homes with a built-in virtual tour appear first among the results of a search. Gambling on the latest technology to sell homes is betting on the satisfaction of your potential digital customers.

Advantages of Investing in a 360° Virtual Tour Visit your Business

For a business, a 360º virtual tour is a powerful marketing tool. It allows customers and potential customers to see the space and even the items for sale without having to move and offering added value to your company.

Increased visit time on the web: A virtual visit is incomparable to flat images. Since it offers much more value to the customer, increasing the user’s browsing time on the web. It allows users to see the products or commercial space for sale in detail.

Technological advance: Interactive images keep your website in line with the most advanced systems currently found on the internet. It is an innovative tool that allows you to differentiate yourself and stand out from your competition.

Increased probability of purchase: Since customers enjoy interactive images, and give them confidence. They are more likely to make a purchase or enhance their decision to purchase your products or services. Showing the interior of your business in such a visual and detailed way improves the perception that Internet users have of your brand. It gives them greater confidence.

Multi-platform: Your company’s virtual tour can view comfortably from any device computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. As long as your virtual tour well optimise, your potential customers can view it anywhere. If even if they are shopping and decide to visit your website before scrolling.

Easy diffusion: You will be able to spread the virtual tour through any means on the Internet, from an email. A website or a blog to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. We are in a digital world where people often make purchase decisions through social networks.


Virtual tours have been in development for many years and can now finally reach anyone thanks to advances in technology. You have been able to see it in more places than you think and in this article. If we will explain what a virtual tour is, where you can see them, and how they can help increase your business’s sales.

And also, Imagine entering the place (a restaurant, a store or any other space) for the first time. Imagine now being able to take a look around you in the whole room. You take a step closer to the items you see. You go through the rooms.

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