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Print Marketing Write for Us – Print marketing is a vast field. It’s not just flyers and brochures that land in your mailbox. It incorporates labels, banners, advertisements, business cards, newsletters, direct mail, billboards and billboards. Anything printed that promotes your business, your brand or shares your message in print marketing. Typically, most print marketing is direct mail or advertising. A Kantar Media survey found that 79% of people said they still read print newspapers, 82% read print newspapers, and people found ads in print magazines more enjoyable than online: 32% vs 26 %. So while you can’t always track campaigns with sophisticated analytics software, don’t let it discourage you from allocating a budget to this activity.

Print Marketing Write for UsOver the years, print marketing has changed significantly, but some essential elements remain the same. You’ll still see businesses advertising in the local business directory and flyers under your windshield wipers. Still, companies have also become much more creative with their campaigns and are using visuals more than ever.

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Why is Print Marketing Essential?

Despite the ever-changing digital landscape, print media is still essential to marketing. People love magazines, newsletters, invitations, coupons or deals, event guides, cookbooks, brochures, and business cards – the list is endless. Although print marketing is more expensive than digital, it evokes in people the feeling that digital media can’t always match.

Print marketing can help you increase awareness, generate new leads, promote sales, introduce new products and services, and differentiate your brand from others.

About 82% of consumers trust print ads more when purchasing decisions, and more than 90% find print ads easier to read than digital ads.      Of course, it depends on your target audience, but another report showed that combining print and digital in your strategy will make 400% more effective campaigns.

When was Print Marketing Media Born?

As mentioned in our previous blog, A Brief History of Print Media, print media has been around for many decades. After Gutenberg invented the printing press in the early 15th century, the world began to use printing in marketing.

The first printed advertisement was in 1472; a flyer was taped to a church advertising a prayer book. After that, the first newspapers carried text ads, mainly for job offers. In the late 17th century, consumer goods began to appear in publications. Print media evolved rapidly, and the rest is history (until the rise of digital media!).

Tips to Improve Your Print Marketing Strategy?

Who said the painting was dead? Get better results from your print marketing campaign in five easy steps. These proven tips will help build positive customer relationships, improve audience reach, and increase positive responses.

1. Know Your Target Audience

Who are you trying to appeal to? A successful print campaign starts with identifying your audience. By understanding what the consumer wants and needs, you can develop a clear message about how your services can help achieve those goals.

2. Get Their Attention

When you only have seconds to grab someone’s attention, the first thing they see is the most important. A compelling headline will engage your audience and keep them reading. Be sure to highlight your main benefits in a simple and clear message.

3. Include A Call to Action

Once the reader is engaged, let them know how to purchase the benefits or services you’re promoting with a powerful call to action. You create a response channel by asking them to call your office or visit your website or social media pages. It triggers the next steps in providing your services and allows you to collect important information about your current or potential customers.

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