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Native advertising is paid media designed to match the content of a media source. An example of native mobile advertising would be producing video content in the Youtube app. This media is designed to fit the visual design and function of the natural range that appears in your recommended video feed. Sponsored search results and social media posts are famous examples of native advertising. Both formats offer users the same kind of value as organic search results and user-generated social media posts.

Native Advertising Write For UsAs consumers become more resistant to traditional forms of advertising, including display ads and banner ads, Fortune 500 brands and mainstream startups are allocating larger budgets and more ad spending to content marketing and formats. Non-disruptive advertising. It should also be noted that native advertising is not necessarily the same as content advertising. Unfortunately, the overlap between the two disciplines and their similarity in name often leads to confusion.

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Why Should You Use Native Advertising?

There are different ways to promote products, and NA should be the most popular. Here, we’ll explain why you should use native ads and how they can scale your business.

The main advantage of NA is that it does not cause immediate rejection by the public. Consumers are becoming more resistant to traditional ads and developing banner blindness. However, native ads are not identified as promoted content and do not have direct calls to action.

Here’s why implementing this type of advertising is so effective:

  1. Native ads work. They increase customer purchase intent and engage them more than original editorial content. Consumers interact more with native ads than with other types of advertising.
  2. Native ads do not tire the audience. They don’t cause ad fatigue when audiences get bored from constantly watching ads. Native advertising attracts customers without wasting them.
  3. Consumers are more loyal to native ads. They are aware that native ads are a form of advertising. However, if a resource has already proven its expertise, such advertising will not cause an adverse reaction. An experiment at Stanford University on how people tell native ads apart from other types of content showed that even though consumers easily identify native ads, they still significantly affect their buying behavior.

How Does Native Advertising Work?

The goal of NA is to create a natural message and increase the number of targeted actions. Your critical success factors are the platform you place your ads on and the content you promote. Consumers see embedded native advertising on the sites or apps they use daily. It is subtly and naturally woven into the digital content and feels like it should be there. People interested in the advertised products are likelier to engage with the ads, even if labelled “sponsored” or “branded.”

In short, native ads are successful because they don’t look like ads and deliver value to customers. Let’s transfer to the next section to learn about the benefits of native advertising.

What Benefits do we get from NA?

If you want to promote your business, we recommend trying this type of advertising. Let’s review some benefits of native advertising and explain why they are crucial.

  • Customers perceive native ads more positively. If you want to build customer loyalty to your promotional materials and increase the effectiveness of your campaign, do not use aggressive advertising messages or calls to action.
  • NA does not invade users’ personal space. Native ads fit into the platform format quite organically. This way, consumers find the information they are looking for and do not know the difference between regular and promoted content.
  • Users cannot block native ads. They can only block certain elements, but they will still encounter native ads if they are using a platform where they are integrated.
  • NA does not fall into the banner blind zone. According to research by IPG Media Lab & Sharethrough, organic advertising is more likely to go viral on social media. Consumers watch native ads 53% more often than display ads, and 32% of respondents are willing to share information about native ads.

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