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Outdoor Marketing Write for Us – Small business owners tend to have a minor profile than some of their bigger competitors, especially if they’re starting outdoor marketing. Therefore, effective advertising can be essential to a small business’s business strategy. Outdoor marketing is sometimes helpful for small businesses because it is locally targeted and often reaches consumers when they are considering a purchase.

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The Basic of Outdoor Marketing?

Outdoor marketing refers to advertising campaigns that use outdoor media such as billboards, transit vehicles, and other types of outdoor signage, including signs outside businesses. It also contains efforts to promote the company’s products in its fleet of cars, though the action is limited to brand displays. Outdoor marketing that uses several different mediums is usually coordinated for maximum impact and is aimed at shows in areas that will capture the attention of your target consumers.

Efficiency – Outdoor Marketing

Outdoor ads are relatively inexpensive to set up, especially compared to video and radio campaigns, and usually result in high local visibility. In a 2009 marketing study featured in Forbes, researchers at media company Arbitron found that 71% of people who see a billboard look at it often, and almost a third will notice the ad multiple times. Additionally, viewers of advertisements often make buying decisions on the way home when they see the ad.

Traffic Advertising

Mobile advertising can play a part in your outdoor marketing strategy. In widely of the United States, it is mutual for transit agencies to raise funds by offering transit stations and the sides of vehicles as an advertising medium. These ads have the local marketing benefits of a billboard, but they also cover a wide target area. The whole route along a bus or transit route is exposed to advertising rather than just areas near a stationary billboard. As with other forms of outdoor marketing, a traffic ad is often brutal to ignore and impossible to “opt-out”.

Disadvantages for Small Businesses

Although outdoor marketing often reaches many local consumers, it has certain drawbacks. Conferring to the Small Business Administration, outdoor advertising spends very little time with the reader, typically 2-3 seconds. Plus, the audience or ad is often on the move, which makes it even harder to ensure your ad captures their attention. Finally, due to the logistics of changing brands, advertisers often have to commit to a longer-term campaign.

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