What are Navigation Routes?

Navigation routes are part of studying the traffic of a web page and all its features. It is the trajectory that each user follows from when they enter until they leave a website, recording the landing page, the clicks, the sections visited, the content viewed, and the last page seen before leaving the website.

Within the field of web analytics, it is one of the most essential and outstanding elements since they are used to analyze the performance of a page in terms of traffic and determine the behavior of visits. These routes show how you interact and what is what attracts the attention of visitors.

It indicates the pages that visit, the order in which it has been done, and how it do. In addition, it records the total browsing time and the origin, as well as the backlink if its use. It collects many more aspects, but these are the most outstanding.

What are Navigation Routes for?

What are Navigation Routes for_

In the first instance, Navigation Routes serve to find out how each user interacts with a web page and all its sections. They help to see which are the most frequented parts, which are the least frequent, know the duration of the visits, which contents are the most attractive, which functions are used and which are not.

In short, they serve so that companies know how their websites navigate and can act accordingly, improving the design or content if the time is short and reordering if you want to achieve a more significant influx of visits in certain sections.

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What are the Types of Air Navigation Routes?

Air navigation is divided into two types (depending on whether the aircraft needs external facilities to guide itself):

  • Autonomous air navigation.
  • Non-autonomous aerial navigation.

Examples of Navigation Routes

Examples of Navigation Routes

Let’s imagine that a user enters the NeoAttack. From the home page, access the web design services and, from there, return to the home page to then visit the portfolio and browse through some of its content. Then leave the page.

The order that goes from the cover until it leaves the web is part of what defines the navigation path. Also, the time invests in observing each section and carrying out the entire visit, as well as the link with which accesses the cover and where it locates. This is an excellent example of a breadcrumb trail.

Techinfo Explains Breadcrumb Navigation

Breadcrumb navigation is a form of route style navigation. There are three types of breadcrumbs:

Navigation Path: Dynamic navigation paths reveal the user’s way to reach a given page.

Location Navigation Paths: Static navigation paths that show the hierarchy of a given website relative to the location of the website page.

Breadcrumbs attribute Breadcrumbs that provide information that categorizes the website’s current page.

About Navigation with Breadcrumbs

Navigation paths let users know their current position in Oracle BI Content and the course they used to navigate Oracle BI content.

If Navigation paths are active links that users can click to return to the starting point of the navigation and the state of the content they were in when they left it.

Navigation paths display at the bottom of the page in Presentation Services, Fusion Applications, or ADF applications in which BI objects have embed. The format of track breadcrumbs may vary depending on the item’s status. The following table contains how navigation routes can display on the navigation route track. Users reading this appendix must understand these formats to navigate their navigation route tracks effectively.

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Index of Navigation Routes

  1. Coastal navigation
  2. Dead reckoning.
  3. Rhumb navigation.
  4. Great circle navigation.
  5. Astronomical navigation.
  6. Electronic navigation and also
  7. Inertial navigation.


The two main characters used a navigation route to find their way back home. Breadcrumb navigation links the user to the previous page of the website in the general online path. In other words, the navigation path will allow the user to go back to the last sheets. Breadcrumb navigation may also name a breadcrumb path or a cookie crumb path.

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