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Money makes the world turn. It is any item or medium of conversation that people accept for the payment of goods and services and for the amount of loans. Economies depend on Money is ultimately defined by people and what they do.

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If people started accepting basketballs as payment for most goods and services, basketballs would be money. When people use it instead as a medium of exchange, it becomes money. We will learn in this chapter that changes in how people use cash have created new types of money and changed how capital is measured over the past few decades.

How Is Silver Measured?

But how much money is there, and what methods does it take? Economists and investors inquire about this question to determine if there is inflation or deflation. Silver is divided into three categories to make it more discernible for measurement purposes:

M1 – This currency category includes all physical denominations of coins and currency; sight deposits, which are current and NOW accounts; and traveler’s checks. This money category is the most restricted of the three and is used to buy things and make payments (see the “active money” section below).

M2 – Using broader criteria, this category adds all money in M1 to all time deposits, savings account deposits, and non-institutional money market funds. This category represents money that can be easily transferred to cash.

M3 – The broadest money class, M3 combines all of the currencies found in the definition of M2 and adds significant time deposits, institutional money market funds, short-term repurchase agreements, and more considerable liquid assets.

M3 indicates the money supply of a country or the total amount of money in an economy.

Active Money

Active MoneyThe M1 category includes what is known as working money: the total value of coins and paper money in circulation. Federal Reserve Banks allocate new currency for the United States Treasury Department in the United States. Banks lend money to customers, which becomes active money once it is in active circulation. The amount of lively money fluctuates seasonally, monthly, weekly and daily.

The variable demand for liquidity is equivalent to a constantly fluctuating total active mass—public demand for cash declines at certain times, after the December holiday season, for example. For example, people typically cash their paychecks or withdraw cash from ATMs on the weekends, so there is more cash on Mondays than Fridays.

How Money is Shaped

We have discussed wherefore and how money, a depiction of perceived value, is created in the economy. Still, another important factor regarding money and the economy is how a country’s central bank (the central bank in the United States is the Federal Reserve or Federal Reserve). ) can influence and operate the money supply.

If the Fed needs to increase the amount of money in circulation, perhaps to stimulate economic activity, the central bank can print it. However, physical bills represent only a tiny part of the money supply.

Another way the central bank can increase the money supply is to buy government fixed-income securities on the market. When the major bank purchases these government securities, it puts money on the market and, in effect, in the hands of the public. Oddly enough, the central bank creates the money and transfers it to those who sell the securities. How does a central bank like the Fed pay for this?

Alternatively, the Federal Reserve can lower interest rates, allowing banks to make low-cost loans or credit, a phenomenon known as cheap money, and encouraging businesses and entities to borrow and spend.

Remember that as long as people have confidence in money, a central bank can issue more. But if the Fed gives too much money, the value will fall, just like anything with more supply than demand. Therefore, the central bank cannot only print money as it wishes.

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