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Freelancer Write for Us – Being self-employed is one of those things that tends to polarize people. Some consider it the career of their dreams. These people are determined to participate and move on, regardless of whether they will ever earn as much as in some corporate job. Others find it too stressful and demanding. They wouldn’t even try if someone assured them they would make twice what they do at their current position.

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One of the main goals of Freelance Writing Jobs has always been to foster a community of freelance writers online. We have undergone many changes over the years, and those of you who have been following the site for many years will remember how more content remains provided regularly.

Due to various reasons, Freelance Writing Jobs has primarily focused on providing daily job listings to freelance writers worldwide. Still, our belief in fostering communication and encouraging discussion hasn’t diminished.

Advantage: You Are Your Boss

You are free to work (or not) as you want. Or you can work from home or on a beach in Gran Canaria if you like it. You can even wear slippers while working, and no one will stand out. No one will call you for anything anymore since you are your own boss. But that’s just the skin.

Being a freelancer also means deciding which projects you’ll take on. You can also show any rude customer the door. Of course, you can design projects and implement changes the way you want, not how some jerk from upper management decides.

Disadvantage: You Are Your Boss

Being your boss can be challenging. Whereas your former boss was responsible for putting money into your bank account at the end of each month, now this responsibility falls solely on you. And sure, you could slacken all you want now that you don’t have a boss, but your bottom line will hurt you doing so.

You may not have a boss, but you still have something even more demanding: your clients.

And while you might show the rudest or most annoying of them the door, chances are you’ll think twice before doing so when you depend on your business to pay your rent or mortgage.

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