What is a Risky Business Costume?

When it comes to the risky business suits Joel Goodson wore in Risky Business, he changed them up a bit throughout the movie.

Risky Business Costume – If you are looking for a last-minute Halloween costume or fancy dress costume idea, what better than making your Risky Business costume. You really could not ask for a more accessible outfit to make. This is a simple costume that a man or a woman can use. You can look just like Tom Cruise in this legendary role with a few clothing items.

What do you wear to a Risky Business Party?

What do you wear to a Risky Business Party_

Risky Business is (never) overdone.

Wear a long white button-down, white socks, and shorts. No one would be bugg’n bout a little TBT. Keep it cheap, and keep it classy (or not). But most of all, keep in mind that there’s a good chance your clothes will get ruined/not even make it home with you, so have fun with them.

What does Tom Cruise say in Risky Business?

What does Tom Cruise say in Risky Business_

Miles: Sometimes you have to say “What the Fuck” and make your move. So your parents are successful out of town. Joel, each now and then, saying “What the Fuck”, brings freedom. Liberty brings opportunity; opportunity makes your future.

1. Risky Business Costume – Risky Business

Making your risky Business costume is quite a brave costume to wear. Afterwards, you will be walking around in a shirt and a pair of tight white briefs.  And also, Here is everything you need to make your Risky Business costume and replicate Tom Cruise in one of his most famous roles.

2. Risky Business Sunglasses

Risky Business Costume – Tom Cruise – Joel – Risky Business Sunglasses: Tom Cruise did not wear his sunglasses during the Risky Business dance scene. However, they are still a cool touch to your Risky Business costume.

The sunglasses worn by Tom Cruise in the movie were a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

3. Risky Business Shirt

Risky Business Costume – Tom Cruise – Joel – Risky Business Shirt: You will need a long-sleeved shirt as the central part of your Risky Business costume.

The shirt worn by Tom Cruise in the movie is made from thin material.  And also, It is also light pink with thin white stripes.

4. Risky Business Underwear

Risky Business Costume – Tom Cruise – Joel – Risky Business Shirt: Similarly to Freddy, the role of Tom Cruise in Risky Business became a movie classic is undeniable including the white underwear he wore in the movie.

Definitely, the briefs are the most thrilling part of the Risky Business outfit and we would suggest that you pick something which doesn’t give too much of flashes/winks as it can be embarrassing. Choose a team that helps hide your modesty.

5. Risky Business Socks

Risky Business Costume – Tom Cruise – Joel – Risky Business Socks: The most accessible item of clothing you will need for your Risky Business fancy dress is the socks worn by Tom Cruise.

You will find a pair of white socks essential to replicate this look. Ideally, it would help if you chose plain white sports socks.

6. Risky Business Candlestick

Risky Business Costume – Tom Cruise – Joel – Risky Business Candlestick: The final part of your Risky Business fancy dress is finding a candlestick.

Tom Cruise grabs a gold candlestick and sings into it as he dances around in the movie.

About Risky Business

About Risky Business

Risky Business’ main character, Joel Goodsen, was portrayed by famous actor Tom Cruise. Cruise is most known for his action movies like the Mission Impossible series and Top Gun.

The good thing about this outfit is that boys or girls can wear it and rock it out just the same! It would help if you had a vast white long-sleeved dress shirt, a very short pair of white shorts, long white crew socks, white sneakers, and black glasses. Easy-peasy! Here’s everything you need to look like Joel Goodsen from Risky Business.

The DIY Guide to Cosplay Joel Goodson From Risky Business

The DIY Guide to Cosplay Joel Goodson From Risky Business

Joel Goodson is one of the main characters of the comedy movie Risky Business.  And also, He is the show’s protagonist and a high school student who is an achiever in school. Joel lives in a big mansion with his wealthy parents in Chicago. He is constantly under pressure from his parents to do well, especially his father, who wants him to attend Princeton University after high school.

But when his parents go on a trip, this allowed Joel to let loose, and it hilariously went wrong. This article is a Joel Goodson cosplay guide.

The Best Joel Goodson from Risky Business Cosplay Ideas

Joel Goodson has worn a lot of different outfits throughout his appearances in the movies.  And also, He continually changes his outfits to match the scenario or situation. However, the character does have several iconic and funny companies that people who watched the movie will never forget when they think of Joel Goodson.  And also, This guide will feature one of the iconic costumes of Joel Goodson, which is the one he wore with only his underwear at the bottom.

The outfit consists of a white long-sleeved polo, representing the red university stripe oxford cotton button-down shirt the character wore in the movies. The cosplay set will also come with white underwear shorts for the bottom, as the surface was only wearing these in the scene. Included in the collection are a pair of white socks and black sunglasses. Completing the outfit is a gold candle holder, which Joel used as a microphone while doing the scene.

About Joel Goodson Costume

Joel Goodson looks like the perfect high school role model on the surface. Rich, handsome, thoughtful, and a high achiever in school. But in reality, he is just like any other high school student. And also, He always fears that he won’t get good grades or high scores on his exams, and he still wants to have a good time. But his fear of not meeting his parents’ expectations forces him to concentrate more on his studies. And also, It makes the character a little overwhelmed and constantly stressed out.


Risky Business is a movie about a senior named Joel Goodsen who decides to hire a prostitute, and lousy luck ensues. This forces him to turn his parents’ house into a one-night-only brothel to pay for his expenses. And also, Burglary and pimping aside, everybody loves the part where Joel dances around his house wearing nothing but his dress shirt and underwear that we can relate to. And also, The feeling of newfound freedom! Tsk, tsk.

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