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Mobile Commerce Write for Us – Mobile commerce, also known as m-commerce, includes using portable wireless devices such as cell phones and tablets to conduct online commerce transactions, including buying and selling products, online banking and bill payment.

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With the ease of m-commerce (mobile commerce) and the growing trend, people are more likely to shop through a mobile device, website or app on their mobile device. Many brands are launching their apps, and consumers are ready to accept the mobile device as an online shopping mechanism. Deploying a chatbot helps deliver better CX and helps shift from buying in-store to buying on mobile.

What is Mobile Commerce?

What is Mobile Commerce_Mobile commerce is also sometimes known as m-commerce, which is shopping through a mobile device (mainly a smartphone), and all transactions remain done through a mobile device. Their main goal is improving CX on smartphones, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and revenue. Mobile commerce generally falls into three categories: mobile shopping, mobile banking, mobile payments, and digital wallets.

Understanding Mobile Commerce

As more and more customers turn to m-commerce (mobile commerce), it’s the next step in the evolution of e-commerce. The phenomenal growth of mobile devices and the ease of access to the Internet dominate the new generation and are at the origin of m-commerce. It’s no secret that customers prefer to shop on mobile phones and put everyone from retail to consumers’ fingertips. They can shop from anywhere, anytime and easily access customer support via a simple text message.

Benefits of Mobile Commerce

The choice of devices capable of mobile commerce is expanding. For example, digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay allow customers to make in-store purchases without the inconvenience of swiping cards. And in the mid to late 2010s, social media platforms, such as Meta (formerly Facebook), Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, launched “Buy Buttons” on their mobile platforms, allowing users to easily purchase directly from other retailers on these social media sites.

Mobile device portability helps businesses extend their reach to their customers through mobile commerce. Retailers may send coupons and discounts to customers. Personalized shopping experiences can also connect the retailer to their customer.

Mobile commerce apps enable location tracking via GPS to help customers find items in their stores. Security can also be enhanced using mobile commerce apps, as multi-factor authentication can remain performed, including biometrics like fingerprints and retina scans.

Although m-commerce has many benefits for retailers and consumers, e-commerce is still prevalent among Americans. Only 15% of American adults only use their smartphone for their Internet connection, which means they have a broadband or cable service provider, while 77% have a computer.

Types Of Mobile Commerce

Mobile Shopping:

The mobile device plays an essential role in the success of mobile shopping. But what a customer expects today is an omnichannel experience. He wants his brands to be available on his preferred channel. For example, if customers scan a QR code at a retail store, they can shop on the Viber Chatbot and continue shopping.

Mobile Banking Services:

Mobile banking is also known as “Net Banking”, similar to online banking. Financial institutions, especially banks, use SMS, apps, and chatbots to send alerts and account activity. With the help of WhatsApp Chatbot, customers can check their account balance, bank statement, fund transfer, review loan and many other transactions by communicating via WhatsApp in real-time.

Mobile Payments:

Mobile payment is an alternative to traditional payment channels such as cash, check credit/debit card, also known as mobile money transfer, mobile money or mobile payments. Due to physical distance, customers prefer to use contactless payments, and this is where mobile payments come in handy.

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