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Digital learning Write for Us – Digital learning is any learning that uses and takes advantage of technology. Thus, digital learning covers everything, including students using digital platforms, resources, systems and applications. It can mean taking online courses, doing Google searches, watching online videos and using digital tools in face-to-face training sessions. It allows learners to access expert-designed courses and training materials anytime, anywhere. Digital learning courses are often much more interactive and engaging, thanks to mobile learning, active learning and gamification.

Digital Learning Write for Us

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Why Is Digital Learning Important?

After the pandemic, most organizations realized that traditional training methods, such as face-to-face seminars and workshops, were no longer the way to go. They used to be great for pre-pandemic work environments where all the staff simultaneously worked in one place.

But with work-from-home and hybrid setups becoming more prevalent today, they can be challenging to execute. Not only is it hard to have them all in one place simultaneously. It is also expensive and inconvenient to push it.

Given these changes, many organizations worldwide are turning heavily towards digital learning. You won’t have to shell out hundreds and thousands of dollars in venue fees, trainer fees, and other miscellaneous expenses required for in-person training. You can also be more responsive to your student’s learning styles and preferences with digital learning. It is a cheaper, more time-appropriate, and more effective alternative to older training methods.

What Is the Difference Between Online and Digital Learning?

Online learning and digital learning are often interchangeable. Especially since most digital learning is done online today, but it’s not the only form of digital learning available to your students.

Digital learning is a big umbrella that today covers all kinds of modern learning techniques. Online learning falls under digital learning. It only refers to the training your students can get through the Internet. It is usually taken in web browsers but can also be taken on other devices, such as phones and tablets, providing an internet connection. Digital learning can happen offline with offline mobile learning, training simulation, and AR learning. Your students do not necessarily need to be on the Internet to continue their training in a company.

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