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E-learning is a structured course or learning experience delivered electronically; it may also include performance support content. Many elements can make up an e-learning program, such as live or pre-recorded course content, videos, quizzes, simulations, games, activities, and other interactive features.

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The digital transformations opened by the COVID-19 pandemic include those in the education sector. It has resulted in learning management systems (LMS) and other digital tools that allow schools to continue teaching despite class cancellations (Distance Learning, EdTech & COVID-19, 2020). It is how e-learning emerged and made distance education possible. According to a World Bank summary, its methods have been adopted globally to ensure uninterrupted education (How Countries Use Edtech, 2020).

What is eLearning?

What is eLearning_Nowadays, when we say “eLearning”, we mean training on any digital device. Watching an educational video, reading an interesting article or taking a quiz – it’s all eLearning.

Comparing eLearning to traditional teaching methods is like comparing e-book formats to paper books. Just as digital texts cannot replace the authenticity of an actual book, online learning cannot replace education at scale. However, it is still available as long as you have your digital device and is, therefore, more convenient.

Convenience is one of the main reasons people love eLearning. Another reason is that you can personalize your learning experience with other new features, such as augmented and virtual reality (people love new technologies!). For example, with virtual reality courses, workers in warehouses and construction sites receive training in corporate safety, and medical students learn to locate bones and blood vessels.

We use eLearning daily to grow as individuals. We read articles, watch YouTube videos and play games to exercise our brains on our smartphones. Companies, from small start-ups to large corporations, also use e-learning to train employees and contribute to internal processes. But wouldn’t you like to know how it all started?

Types of Online Training

People use eLearning for a change of reasons. Whether you’re building new skills or learning remotely, the convenience and accessibility of online learning offerings are enormous. Here, we’ll clarify the 4 types of eLearning training that LearnUpon helps you deliver.

Employee Training

Employee training is the most common type of e-learning for organizations using an LMS. Organizations use employee training for many reasons, such as onboarding new employees and improving employee performance. Training employees using an LMS formalizes the training offer and makes it more effective. Compared to traditional training, eLearning more effectively promotes professional development by valuing knowledge and an eLearning culture. Your LMS should also allow you to continually create exams, run reports, and collect feedback to assess and improve training performance continually.

Compliance Training

Compliance training is a must for most organizations. Inform your employees of the laws or regulations applicable to their function and their sector of activity. Compliance training is required and covers topics such as health, safety and dignity at work. Here are some examples of compliance training:

  • Diversity Training
  • Hr Law
  • Anti-Harassment Training

Running a smooth compliance training program helps minimize the risk of non-compliance and maintain your reputation. Your employees will also benefit from a safer and more productive workplace. In addition, keeping up with changing legislation and modifying your training materials is easier with eLearning via a reliable LMS.

Customer Training

The idea of empowering your customers may seem like a strange notion. But it has a deep value! Customer training programs help your customers use and understand your product or service. Software publishers particularly appreciate this type of training. In addition to improving the customer experience, training customers also benefit the organizations that manage them. You will experience better customer onboarding, increased engagement with your product or services, and improved customer retention.

Partner Training

Partner training has many benefits; it can help you engage partners, reduce support costs, scale growth, and protect your brand. Also known as reseller training, partner training gives your partners the tools they need to become successful members of your network. Types of training include product information, sales training, support training, marketing orientation, and more. Often, a certified training is a prerequisite for becoming a partner.

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