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Digital Literacy Write for Us – Digital literacy means having the skills you want to live, learn and work in a society where communication and access to information increasingly occur over digital technologies such as internet platforms, social networks and mobile devices.

Digital Literacy Write for UsMost careers and work environments these days use a lot of technology, and employers want to know that their candidates will be able to keep up. Digital literacy is generally defined as a soft skill, as it is less about a specific technology (whose tastes change daily) and more about the ability to learn and adapt to technology.

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What Is Digital Literacy, Specifically?

Digital literacy rests on four main pillars, according to Joaquim Miro, partner and CMO of Hoppin’ World. Miro explains these four pillars as the skills for:

  • Follow existing technologies
  • Communicate well in an online environment.
  • Manage your ideas in an online environment
  • Manage teams by leveraging technology

Among these skills, you can learn many technologies, including some that most employers expect you to know. For example, online communication might involve videoconferencing platforms that a manager might wish to train you on. Still, it also consists of using email. A skill employers will likely expect you to have when you walk through the door.

“Digital literacy refers to a person’s ability to use computing and digital technology to find, assess, create and communicate information,” says Matt Dunne, hiring manager at HealingHolidays. “If a candidate claims to have digital literacy skills, hopefully, they can do extensive research online, which they can then analyze and assess.

Digital Literacy Skills Employers Want to See

You can see why the different skills within digital literacy would be necessary depending on the career you are pursuing. We ask hiring managers to share some of the essential digital literacy skills they look for and why.

1. Independent Investigation

“A big part of becoming digitally literate is figuring out how to use technologies you’ve never seen or are only superficially familiar with,” says Cross-Smith. “The ability to independently investigate and solve problems says a lot about a candidate’s talent for adapting to fast-paced technical environments – a precious asset.”

Cross-Smith says her company’s product is continually being updated and evolving in the technology industry, as are the people who work there. “The technology industry is made for lifelong learners. If that’s what you crave and you have the skills to prove it, you’ve come to the right place.

2. Familiarity With Common Terms And Platforms

You might not think of a term like Wi-Fi as exceptional knowledge, but thirty years ago, it barely existed as a concept. There are many terms that the average Internet user is familiar with, and many of them can be understood with a little extra reading.

“Digital literacy means knowing the digital landscape,” says Shayne Sherman, CEO of TechLoris. “It doesn’t mean you can write applications or install and configure a new LAN at the office. But you should know what I mean when I say these things.

Experience with essential office software is also part of digital literacy for Sherman. “They should know how to use Microsoft Office® or Google® applications. Many software developers have adopted Microsoft’s principles when creating its office suite,” says Sherman. “If you’re familiar with Office, you can probably navigate most apps.”

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